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Ayurvedic Medicine to Treat Diabetes

Leveraging intense knowledge in Ayurveda to cure Diabetes

Power of Ayurveda to treat Diabetes

Ayurveda is a comprehensive approach to rehabilitate any issues with the human body and has the potential to cure any grave disease. Classically, it was founded thousands of years ago in heart of India and ever since then, Ayurveda has grown stronger combining it with in-depth research and is been accepted globally now to be the most effective means to cure most of pernicious lifestyle problems like diabetes. Sanskrit word is the sign of life and knowledge essentially meaning the science of life.

Core of Ayurveda, established on the construct that all the living entity consists of the five essential elements of planet Earth – space, air, fire and water and this all-effuse energy termed in three categories like Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Therefore, any disease in the body erupts and even prolongs because of the imbalance in these energies.

Technically, in-depth research in Ayurveda, it is well proved that diabetes could be detected from the imbalance and polarity of Kapha energy, which is contained from the elements water and earth. Practicing professionals accredited the growth of diabetes to reduction of essential digestive fire also known as “Agni” leading to declining capability of the body to assimilate energy and discard the wastes.

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In literal terms, a part of relishing our life and experiences is in savoring the sweetness in the food we eat, like an exotic delicacy or perfectly tender peach, ladle of strawberry ice cream or fresh baked breads. In the most ironic way, today we have the access to dessert delicacies all across of the work in nick of time however, anabolism of these sweet and surgery substances in their body and bloodstream is shrinking.

This is a situation in which body is incapable of breaking the sugar into energy and consume it in the blood is called diabetes is definitely becoming an epidemic all across the world, globally. Even though, Allopathic medicines have made progress in handling critical levels of disease like contagious sickness and other fatal conditions however, there are multiple side effects with this treatment that urges body to suffer more in long run. Combining it with tremendous rise in the lifestyle diseases like Obesity, High blood pressure, Diabetes and list goes on has urged immensely on finding better way to cure them.

This generation has learnt the hard way that allopathic treatment causes more damage than benefit when people realize that they are actually treating the symptoms and not the disease. Reaction to an allopathic medicine and its aftereffects is an undesirable by-product that we have to endure after any medical treatment. For instance, certain antibiotics can lead to many allergies, rashes and cosmetic changes in the skin, feeling of nausea, and losing immunity are few, which are most common.

However, many a times the doctors cover up these side effects in the name of diseases yet the detailed analysis by many homeopathic proves it otherwise. Furthermore, there are certain problems that evolve after prolong use of these allopathic medicines in the body. Especially, when a person is undergoing more than one medical treatment has to consume different allopathic drugs that might interact with each other and give rise to multiple other reactions that might also be fatal in some cases.

Glucose gives the body and brain with essential energy that is primary source of energy for metabolism. For a healthy body there are numerous hormones present and out of those primary one is insulin, which regulates intensity of glucose, which converts it into a fuel for brain and body. Notwithstanding, for a diabetic person, body is unable to either generate enough quantity of insulin which is called the Type 1 diabetes or inability to utilize it properly that condition is called diabetes 2.

Moreover, Situations in which body is ineffectual to generate sufficient amount of insulin and tends to become powerless to utilize accumulated glucose adequately. In this situation where human body is not able to break down glucose and incorporate into energy products in the blood cells  or utilize it where it is required and glucose remains in the blood and gives rise to grave health problems ranging from losing eyesight and failure of many body organs.

In Sanskrit, disease Diabetes is also known as Madhumeha, which means disease that produces sweet urine, because our body is unable to convert Glucose that shoots up the sugar level which body tends to discard in the urine. In this situation, it is easy to choose the Allopathic treatment might get a short cut to relief. However, you and I both know there is no short cuts in life. Allopathic treatment venture to attenuate the symptoms of disease by striking the immunity and organic defense of the body.


However, the science of Ayurveda embraces the natural immunity of the body that boost healing capability and counter the root cause of the disease By the virtue of Allopathic medicines person may never be able to completely cure, diabetes rather defer its effects on the body. On the other hand, if a person opts for Ayurvedic treatment for a particular duration of time might as well complete cure this disease.

Types of Diabetes

There are two different types of Diabetes depending upon the source of origination, nature of contact with the body – like is it inherited or is it acquired and how it affects the body. – Type 1 and Type 2.

Type 1 Diabetes – In this body is unable to generate insulin, which is an important hormone to breakdown sugar in the body. This kind of Diabetes is largely because it is inherited to a person from the parents or family background in the same subsequently; this is developed in the childhood. However, this can also be developed or triggered at any age irrespective. Primary symptoms of Type 1 diabetes is that person develops a blurry vision, there is frequent passage of urine, tremendous increase in appetite and unsatiated thirst.

A person remains emotionally charged and frequently irritated. At the same time person might feel fatigue and weak all across the body. Final and major symptoms for this nature of diabetes is inexplicable loss of weight in the body. If this kind of diabetes is unchecked for longer duration of time then person has to take injection of insulins. That is the reason why it also called as Insulin-Dependent Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes – In this kind of Diabetes, body generates insulin yet it is not able to produce enough of insulin such that it can utilized in the body. This kind of diabetes could generate at any point in one’s life. There is no specific age for this kind of diabetes to take over the body however; it is most prevalent in people who have crossed the age of 45 years. In this kind of diabetes generally occurs if a person is obese, considering to have excessive weight, this gives the onset of high sugar levels and even the surge levels of blood pressure.

Primary symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes is a person always feel an itch to eat more and always feels thirsty. There are dark circles and patches found in the areas of neck and even in the armpits. Person always feels the sensation to go for urination and feels fatigue most of the time. Type 2 Diabetes is curable by taking Ayurvedic treatment, pursuing a healthy lifestyle and taking in a proper diet.

Best Ayurvedic medicine for Diabetes

Ayurveda acknowledges this multifactorial character of this disease and takes into consideration family history combined with imbalances in the body.

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1) Aloe Vera

One of the most powerful herb that has many substantial properties and have many powerful properties that can treat various problems. It is very popular to treat numerous cosmetic problems and enhance skin but that is just the tip of iceberg. Scientifically, Aloe Vera is a storehouse of benefits and regarded as organic medicine to attack the manifestation of diabetes in the body. Scientifically, Aloe Vera strengths body by protecting and repairing the beta cells in the organs like pancreas, which is the source of insulin. Furthermore, Aloe Vera has various antioxidant properties that act as an added advantage in aspect of boosting immunity of the body.

2) Cinnamon

A well-known spice is popular for its fragrance. Cinnamon technically comes for the bark of a tree and forms an essential consistent of various ethnic dishes, sweets and baked eatables. Taste of this spice is very unique than the rest, this can impart additional sweetness. Consumption of Cinnamon enhance the metabolism in the body and raise the breakdown of Glucose helping in reducing the blood Glucose levels and increase the sensitivity of insulin.

3) Gurmar

Gymnema Sylvestre or as popularly called as Gurmar is a herb that helps in diminishing the blood sugar levels which have been exhibited in various research and experiments conducted. Sugar level can be substantially reduced by the virtue of Gurmar by enhancing the production of beta cells from the pancreas it lowers the excessive dependence on insulin and external medications.

4) Coccinia Indica (Kundru)

This herb is an effective anti-diabetic herb that urges the anabolism of starch in the body that assist in averting accumulation of glucose and blood sugar after the consumption of carbohydrates. It also shields the major organs from the harmful effects of surge of sugar in the body. Abrupt changes faced by a person due to the abnormal changes taking place body primarily due to changes in hormones and differences in constituent of fatty acids that happens due to diabetes can be prevented by regular consumption of Coccinia Indica leaves. This herb produces plasma, boosts the level of Vitamin C and protect the body from the trauma of oxidation.

5) Azadirachta Indica (Neem)

Herb Azadirachta Indica, also known as Neem, is an extremely popular for treating several disease especially, the diabetes. Leaves of this herb and even the seed can play a crucial role to keep the body healthy and sugar levels intact. Although, it makes any Ayurvedic treatment very powerful as an essential component yet it equally beneficial if consumed alone also.

6) Morus Indica (Mulberry)

Leaves of Morus Indica herb, which popularly referred to Mulberry. It is highly recommended by practicing Physicians to consume Neem leaves and these leaves forms essential ingredients in several Ayurvedic treatments for reducing the sugar levels in the body. Generally, regular consumption of this herb for fifteen days can provide tremendous cut-down of glucose and even rectifies the lipid defects in diabetes. Along with this, it enhances the immune system by supporting antioxidant in the body and defining it from the consequences of oxidation of body organs. For instance, it retards onset of eye problems eventually delaying cataract that happens due to diabetics.

7) Momordica CharantiaThis (Karela)

One of the most effective fruit that is widely known for its anti-diabetic properties. This is widely recognized as Bitter gourd and enormously utilized in several Ayurvedic treatment for medicines. It boosts up the secretion of important hormones like insulin and supporting the generation of beta cells in the pancreas. Furthermore, it also help in strengthening the pancreas such that it is able to produce more beta cells and boost the utilization of pancreatic juices.

8) Eugenia Jambolana (Jamun)

This is a fruit popularly known as Jamun and is a very useful fruit to treat diabetes naturally. Unique characteristic of this fruit is that, not just the pulp of fruit act as a medicine but also its seed is effective in treating diabetes effectively. Moreover, it invigorates emission of insulin and diminishes the damage that can happen to kidneys and other organs in the body. Seeds of this fruit assist in acceleration of healing all the wounds in the body both externally and internally that becomes retarded in a body of a person who is suffering from diabetes.

9) Trigonella Foenum

Herb Trigonella Foenum, well known as Fenugreek seeds for its beneficial properties to reduce the sugar levels in the blood. It supports in reduction of insulin for person who is suffering from diabetes mellitus. Regular intake of Trigonella Foenum and it extract can immensely lower the degree of blood glucose in a period of just one to three months.

10) Turmeric

It is one of the most popular and well know household names especially in India. Turmeric is extremely powerful ingredients in Vanshveda as well and helps in combatting inflammation that is caused due to Diabetes. Moreover, Turmeric helps in diminishing the oxidative strains in the body due to this metabolic disorder. Undoubtedly, it reduces sugar levels in blood and enhance the generation on beta cells in pancreas. Therefore, Turmeric, considered as golden powder for treating diabetes naturally.

11) Giloy

Another Ayurvedic herbaceous that helps in controlling the sugar levels in blood is Giloy especially in Diabetes Type-2. In Sanskrit, Giloy implies exterminator of sugar. It actually can counter various problems relating to body health; it has special characteristic that are anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidants. Insulin secretion is stimulated by the intake of Giloy, helps in burning excess of Glucose and controlling sugar levels in blood. This herb many other characteristic that can help to cure many health problems like indigestion and works wonder in case of Diabetes,

Vanshveda – Absolute Solution to Heal Diabetes

Diabetes is not some regular disease that can be treated just by consuming pills rather it is a metabolic disorder that some inherit while others acquire over time due to lifestyle or stress. Essentially, Diabetes effects on how a body generate or reciprocate to insulin, which results in the processing of sugar in the body. Due to this, it is paramount to comprehend what one is consuming and how it may affect the body and sugar levels. This disorder results in damages of tissues and even several vital body organs like liver and kidneys so even if the sugar in the blood is maintained at low levels or within control with regressive medicines Diabetes can still affect the eyesight and may even result in partial or complete blindness.

Vanshveda’s Ayurvedic remedy has substantiated curative and established outcomes for all phases in diabetes. Vanshveda is an Ayurvedic therapy that not just helps in keeping the sugar levels under control but also regulates insulin and breaks the accumulation of sugar on the tissues and organs. Furthermore, regularly incorporating Vanshveda in the diet and making part of daily routine once can even eliminate the dependence on allopathic medicine because Vanshveda helps in solving the root cause and works on naturally healing it.

Benefits of Vanshveda

  • Vanshveda is a natural therapy to counter Diabetes especially heal body both internally and externally in the most holistic way possible. It is a complete package of three essential element that target not just internally in the body but also externally such that effective results can be observed thereby boosting immunity, inducing energy and is inclined for overall fitness of mind and body. Exemplary results comes on regular use of Vanshveda since it is leverages science of Ayurveda and all ingredients are herbal that has no side effects to the body in long run. In fact, incorporating Vanshveda in the routine would not just help in healing Diabetes but also makes the body strong o shields any other lifestyle diseases
  • Capsules of Vanshveda are formed from herbal and powerful stress releasers, anti-inflammatory and antioxidants. Secondly, Vanshveda has powder, which is blend of turmeric, Giloy, seeds of Jamun etc. in right quantity and exceptional quality making it a powerful healthy drink when mixed with milk. Third, is the bark of Vijaysar tree, sourced from Sri-Lanka and Myanmar and is rare to find all across the world. Bark of this tree is full of nutrients that can enhance the intake of essential Vitamins like A, C and K which a person can’t intake in order to reduce the blood sugar levels.
  • Strengthen immunity of the body and help in healing the wounds of the body present externally and is a remedy to counter all the complications in body caused due to Diabetes.
  • Amplifies the secretion of beta cells through stimulating pancreas in natural way. Thereby, helps in regulating the insulin in the body and reducing the sugar levels in blood.


Vanshveda is packed in such a way that it constitutes of three products that can not only enhance the levels of insulin but also regulate the overall sugar levels in the blood. Vanshveda brings to you, assorted solution under one roof that targets on the starch and carbohydrates in the body and burns them to store energy and utilize it when required. Essentially, each package of Vanshveda contains an Active capsules (pack of 60), powder made by blending spices with herbs that is further divided in two 100 grams each along with a Vijaysar. This is a powerful combination organized in a way to provide you best results in most agile manner. Since Vanshveda is composed of natural herbs, significant elements is Giloy, Aloe Vera, Turmeric, Amla and Turmeric which also makes it a natural and a powerful treatment to heal the Diabetes and successfully counter its aftermaths.

Essentially, it is a success formula for anti-oxidation of vital body organs and for balancing production of insulin. Vanshveda powder forms a health tonic that provides source of all the essential elements to control the sugar levels and effectively utilize the insulin generated in the body through the regular in take capsules. This powder when mixed with milk becomes a natural therapy to not just regulate the blood sugar levels but also enhance the immunity of the body and if this is consumed twice a day strengthens the generation of essential hormones like insulin thereby acting as strong support for the various organs like liver, kidneys and pancreas.

Core part of this tonic made from Vanshveda powder is that it takes essential part from herb like Neem, Mulberry, Methi Beej, Bel and Gurmar that on regular consumption helps the body for producing necessary hormones in abundance which as a results in increasing control on sugar levels and effective utilization of insulin in the body.  Not only this, Vanshveda’s powder mixed with milk has many health benefits as it can arrest many problems with low energy levels, fatigue and feeling of exhaustion. Vijaysar bark in Vanshveda package contains therapeutic properties that can enhance the immunity and stamina of the body since it is source of all the essential elements that are prohibited otherwise to intake orally since it can add on to the sugar levels if consumed in the form of food. Essentially, this bark of Vijaysar stick is kept dipped in the water for 5-6 hours or overnight and then the water in which the bark was soaked is consumed in the morning. This water becomes a powerful health drink, which is full of important vitamins like A, C, K and B in the most soluble and simplest form possible.

Third and the most essential component of this entire package is Vanshveda capsule that is required to be consumed twice a day, once after breakfast and the other before bedtime. These capsules are made from herbal ingredients in right proportions like Cinnamon, Coccinia Indica, Eugenia Jambolana, Neem and Gurmar blended in such a way that it act as a natural reinforce to boost consumption of blood sugar levels and regulate it and reduce the strain from vital organs from oxidation. Moreover, these capsules have many other medicinal values that it offers like helps to reduce stress, assist in minimizing the blood pressure and keep in check the sugar levels.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q1. Can Diabetes be cured by Ayurveda?

Ans. Diabetes cannot be fully cured, irrespective to the fact one opt for Allopathic or Ayurvedic treatment. However, this condition could be treated completely with Ayurveda with no side effects and better outcomes. Ayurveda takes a very comprehensive approach to treat Diabetes. If it is not checked in time it results into numerous issues in the body like concerns in the eyes, pain in the joints, even infertility, failure of major organic in body especially kidney, different kinds of sexual problems. If one really wants a remedy for Diabetes then they need to change their mindset of consuming medicines and expecting a cure. This because it is a metabolic anomaly and it can’t be simply regarded as disease which only mandates to keep low sugar levels. By the virtue of Ayurveda which not only focuses on keeping the sugar levels intact but also rejuvenating the body and ensuring that no further complications takes place. Therefore, Ayurveda can heal Diabetes in a long run and rehabilitate health in the body in the most natural yet effective way.

What is the best natural medicine for Diabetes?

Ayurveda is a storehouse of natural medicines that can provide effective solution to this metabolic disorder. If one wants the complete remedy for diabetes with an intention to target the root cause of this disease and not the symptoms only then opting Vanshesha’s natural kit is a one-stop solution. This kit is assorted with essential capsules and powder that are made from below mentioned natural herbs and established on the science of Ayurveda.

Curcumin – A powerful compound and is commonly present in Turmeric which is an essential spice in many food recipes. Turmeric has extreme capability to enhance the control that is required to manage the sugar levels in the blood and eradicate the disease. On regular consumption of this compound, it can provide promising results like completely curing Diabetes. Best way to consume this is through Vanshveda’s capsules, which are curated in such a way that one can consume all the necessary herbs especially Curcumin without any inconvenience of procuring the required and in the right amount. By the virtue of Vanshveda’s capsule that contains Curcumin in the exact amount, diabetes can be controlled and even treated completely.

Ginseng – This herb can help in reducing the sugar levels in the blood. Moreover, it stimulates the secretion of insulin by releasing the essential beta cells in the body. Extract from this herb provides the body capability to breakdown complex carbohydrates and makes the body more insulin sensitivity.

Fenugreek– one of the essential herb that is used to treat diabetes is Fenugreek. It is also a spice and forms part of many food recipes especially in Middle East. Advantage of this herb is limitless if it is consumed at right intervals and in the right amount can control sugar levels in the blood tremendously.

Psyllium – This herb is actually a fibrous plant that heavy bulk of laxatives and supplements fiber. On regular use of this fiber one can enhance the control on the blood sugar, reduce the cholesterol and blood pressure.

Aloe Vera – This herb can be extremely beneficial in curing diabetes. Juice that is formed after extracting pulp from this plant and if that is consumed regularly can boost the immunity systems in the body. Aloe Vera has exclusive healing properties and powerful. Even its dry pulp can help the body to regulate the insulin levels and improve to reduce blood pressure.

Bitter Melon – Widely known as Bitter Gourd or Kerala is an important fruit that can keep lower the sugar in the blood and forms a shield against extra glucose. One of important functionalities is it prevent oxidation of body organs due to Glucose accumulating on them.

What Ayurveda says about Diabetes

As per Ayurveda, Diabetes is a metabolic disorder because of the imbalance in the three essential elements that are present in the body. Comprehending Diabetes through the lens of Ayurveda, diabetes is caused due to the reduced functioning of Agni, which is a digestive fire that results in accumulation of Glucose and surge in sugar levels. If a body is healthy then Vata, Pitta and Kapha, all three elements are in balance. Essentially, imbalance in Pitta that signifies fire that starts to reduce in the body which thereby giving rise to Diabetes. Hence, it is essential to restore Pitta back in the body by practicing and eating required elements that promotes Agni. Ayurveda does not treat Diabetes as a disease that can be countered by medicines. Rather it urges an effective physical exercise and strong diet regime that can help in not just controlling but also healing Diabetes. Focusing on food that a less glycemic index, since these food substances contains less sugar by design so body has to work less on balancing that sugar. However, if one only consumes the food that have low glycemic index then the person may miss out on some cardinal nutrients like calcium (Ca), potassium (K), fibers, Vitamins A, C and E. Therefore, person needs to either look at Diabetes more holistically with the help of Ayurveda or may supplement the deficiencies with medicines.

Is Ginger good for diabetes?

Ginger is an undergrown stem and most people consider it as an important vegetable. It is is low in calories and carbohydrates. Scientifically, it has only 1.4 grams in total of carbohydrates with respect to a teaspoon. Ginger, well known for its zingy taste, aroma, and distinctive flavor ginger also is source of natural potassium, iron and fiber. Ginger helps to lower the sugar levels in blood and regulates several hormones especially insulin in people. Therefore, Ginger is not only good for a diabetic patient but also a significant food item that needs to incorporated in the diet regularly in order to regulate flow of insulin and also to keep the sugar levels intact.

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