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Periods or menstrual cycle is an important biological process that is triggered when the uterus is prepared to shed of the uterus lining also known as endometrium layer, which is accompanied with bleeding. It occurs when a girl reaches her puberty, also known as menarche and continues in monthly cycle throughout reproductive life of woman. Every person Regular period cycle is considered healthy and only exception to this is during pregnancy. Irregular periods or menstrual cycle is considered detrimental to the health and slowly damages the body of a woman. Irregular periods are biologically known as oligomenorrhea and possible reasons for this state could be method of contraception, certain imbalance in the hormones or any allergies in the body. If this irregularity in period is caused near the state of menopause or at the start of puberty it is not necessary to treat it, however if this irregularity occurs during the reproductive life of the women it is considered as dangerous and urges the requirement to get the condition treated.

One of the primary symptoms of irregular periods or menstruation is when cycle is prolonged by 35 or more days. Secondly, women can acquire tremendous amount of weight or even shed a lot of weight because of this irregularity. Menstrual cycle in women is considered very essential because it helps the body eject out the undesired elements, helps keeping the balance in the hormones, enhances the sexual life and enables the body to be reproductive. If the menstrual cycle is not proper and occurring regularly then it can results in fatigue, excessive gain in body weight and give birth of serious health problems. Even though, getting period may be painful due to the cramps and uncomfortable, it is critical and important part of physical, emotional and mental health for women. Extensive research has clearly highlighted that menstruation is vital for healthy ovulation, preventing the body from falling in trap of breast cancer, uterus cyst and heart diseases that are one of the biggest cause of killing women especially at early ages. Problem worsen when body takes in various chemicals to artificially induce periods or undergo allopathic treatment. This is so because none of the above actually targets the root cause of the problem rather they only focus on treating the symptoms. Ayurveda gives a holistic approach to treat the issue of irregular periods with its natural prowess.

As goes the famous saying, greatest wealth in one’s life is health and sadly, it is not valued until sickness knocks on the door. Even if there is minute variance in the body, it can lead to immense losses both to our personal, professional and financial well-being. If a body is healthy and everything is in balance then one feels more energetic, dynamic and zestful. By balance of body, health and fitness, one should not narrow down only to a situation where there is mere absence of dysfunctionalities rather it is expression of growth that thrives especially on organic elements rather than inorganic supplements. Fortunately, we live in a country, India, which is home to one of the most classical manifestation of medicine and health that literally means knowledge of life -“Ayurveda”. Essentially, India has a rich heritage of using Ayurveda for its medicinal properties, boosting herbal and organic healing that was derived by the Hindu culture of harmonizing the mind and soul. One can attain complete wellness with help of yoga and application of Ayurveda products regularly. By the virtue of Ayurvedic, medicines and herbs person can not only maintain good health but also recover from any disease.

Escalation of irregularities of menstrual cycle in women is witnessed more nowadays than ever before and is a common concern all across the country especially the population situated in the urban areas. One of the reason can be different lifestyle habits one develops over a period or a resultant of a poor health regime. For instance, late night pubs, excessive influence of alcohol, indulgence in junk food like pizzas etc. that has no nutritional content yet high on fats and harmful oils. This can give rise to disparity of nutrients in the body and imbalance in hormones.

Moreover, work atmosphere has undergone a tremendous change as the workplace becomes 24*7 and pressure to perform all around the clock. This creates lot of stress and anxiety in the body resulting in improper sleep and lack of time to focus on the health. Essentially, we have done extensive research in Ayurveda and found that study explains that these junk food causes misalignment of doshas, hence, misbalancing the biological energies within the body. As per the study performed on Ayurveda for treating irregularities in periods, uterine system in woman body is primarily controlled by Vata dosha amongst all of the others. Vata dosha is largely responsible for the asymmetrical periods in women. This situation can worsen if one all of sudden starts performing physical exercise or take chemicals since there is no short cut to good health. It is certain that Ayurvedic treatment works are more effective and have much less risk associated with them.

Vanshveda – Absolute Solution to Heal Irregular Periods

Irregularities in periods is not some ordinary disease that can be treated just by consuming pills rather it is a transfiguration disorder that some inherit while others acquire over time due to lifestyle or stress. Irregularities in periods can be very stressful and if not provided the required attention early can even lead to irreparable loss and damage to the body. Essentially, menstruation is controlled and triggered by the stimulus and response provided by the hormones in the body, especially estrogen and progesterone.  Any fluctuations or changes in the periods signals a disruption on the natural flow of hormones in the body. Due to this, it is paramount to comprehend what one is consuming and how it may affect the body and sugar levels. This disorder results in damages of tissues and even several vital body organs like ovaries and uterus. Vanshveda’s Ayurvedic remedy has substantiated curative and established outcomes for all phases in menstrual cycle of women. Vanshveda is an Ayurvedic therapy that not just helps in keeping the different levels of hormones under control but also regulates ovaries for proper ovulation and breaks the accumulation of the tissues that can result in clotting. Furthermore, regularly incorporating Vanshveda in the diet and making part of daily routine once can even eliminate the dependence on allopathic medicine because Vanshveda helps in solving the root cause rather than the symptoms that ensures natural process of healing  the body from inside out.


Benefits of Vanshveda

  • Vanshveda is a natural therapy to counter irregularities in periods especially heal body both internally and externally in the most holistic way possible. It is a complete package of three essential element that target not just internally in the body but also externally such that effective results can be observed thereby boosting immunity, inducing energy and is inclined for overall fitness of mind and body. Exemplary results comes on regular use of Vanshveda since it is leverages science of Ayurveda and all ingredients are herbal that has no side effects to the body in long run. In fact, incorporating Vanshveda in the routine would not just help in curing the irregularities in the menstrual cycle but also makes the body strong and shields any other lifestyle diseases
  • Vanshveda brings to you best of Ayurveda and scientific research such that you can leverage to provide your body best of both world. Each package of Vanshveda contains three powerful ingredients that rejuvenate your body and revitalize the reproductive system organically. Capsules of Vanshveda constitute of herbal and powerful stress releasers, anti-inflammatory and antioxidants. Secondly, the syrup, which is blend of Lodhra, Ashwagandha, Sonth, Ashok Chal and Arjun Chal in right quantity and exceptional quality making it a powerful healthy drink. Third, is the wash that is necessary in today’s time when women are exposed to various disease causing germs especially at the sensitive areas. This wash constitutes some of the most powerful ingredients like Neem, Triphala, Lodhra and Ghritikumari.
  • Strengthen immunity of the body and help in healing the wounds of the body present externally and is a remedy to counter all the complications in body caused due to imbalance of hormones.
  • It stimulates essential brain functions that improves memory and can regulates the hormone level in the body. This ensure that there is no hormonal imbalance in the body and all the hormones are intact and balanced in the body.

    Vanshveda is packed in such a way that it constitutes of three products that can not only enhance the levels of functioning in the body but also regulate the hormone levels. Vanshveda brings to you, assorted solution under one roof that targets on the fluctuations of hormones in the body causing several changes. Vanshveda brings to you best of Ayurveda and scientific research such that you can leverage to provide your skin body the very best to heal such a crucial problem of irregularities in periods. Each package of Vanshveda contains three powerful constituent that rejuvenate your body and targets different parts exclusively such that the problem is solved from the core. Essentially, with these three powerhouse package Vanshveda captures best of Ayurveda such that each products nourishes you without any side effects. Each package of Vanshveda contains three elements – Capsule, Syrup and Wash. As the name suggests, capsule contains the strength of an exclusive herb that makes it easy to target the regulation of hormones in the body and stimulates internal strength. Syrup is made from Ayurvedic home remedies that can cure irregular periods and act as health tonic which in turn improves quality of life. Wash is an unique and exemplary constituent that act as natural disinfectant and helps keep you private area clean, fee from any germs or harmful disease causing elements.  Moreover, like any other package Vanshveda does not bound you to use all three capsules at once. You can mix and match based on your skin type and requirement. Once you have felt the natural magic that product does for you and enhance the natural therapy, you can easily go for the complete package.

    Essential components of Vanshveda Medicine For Irregular Periods


    It is extremely effective in administering menstrual flow and provides a natural boost to the body. Consumption of ginger in form of tonic or juice is considered a natural home remedy for solving the problem of irregular periods. Ginger is encapsulate with many antioxidants and enables the body to proceed with natural biological processes. Regular use of ginger also clears the undesired deposits in the ovaries and uterus. Moreover, ginger aids in minimizing the pain felt by ladies during their periods and endurance of menstrual cramps.


    Papaya is very powerful fruit and consuming this unripe fruit helps in contracting the muscle tissues in the uterus thus stimulating the menstrual flow in the body. Green or Unripe Papaya if consumed consistently for few months can guarantee the regularity in periods occurring each month. Nevertheless, it is the fruit which shouldn’t be consumed during periods rather it should be consumed before and after the menstrual cycle.


    It is one of the most popular spice in the Indian household not just because of the flavor it adds in the food recipes but also have many medicinal properties like warming effect to the body and balancing the hormones. It relieves from menstrual cramps and helps to regulate the periods.

    Ashok Chal

    It is essential element in the syrup that boost the effectiveness and helps in treating the problem of irregular periods from the root. This Ayurvedic herb is been recommended by doctors and many medical professional to treat various gynecological diseases and problems related to periods. This herb actually contains 6%-8% of self-generated alcohol that act as a natural sanitizer and powerful in killing all the harmful microbes in the body. It balances the levels of hormones in the body and cures any inflammation. Ashok Chal stimulates the overall level of strength and stamina in women and enhances the metabolism such that it keeps the excessive weight in check. Furthermore, it acts as a primary source to comfort during the periods and relaxes the muscles that provides relief from the pain during the periods.


    A natural herb with abundance benefits such as helps in treating acne, various skin problems like white and black heads. But the most efficacious problem that Lodhra solves is disorder in menstrual cycle and has many benefits to treat other gynecological problems. It is very powerful Ayurvedic herb found in some places of India. Lodhra is a medium sized tress with leaves ranging from four to five inches in length, oval or circular in shape and velvety to feel. Essentially, Lodhra normalizes FSH and LH that regulates the growth, development, reproductive functions of the body along with stimulating the ovaries for proper egg generations and ovulation of corpus luteum. Extract from Lodhra primarily stimulates FSH serum with increased level of LH serum. It act as anti-androgenic and arrest any ovarian cell dysfunctions in PCOS rather Lodhra enhances fertility. With the treatment with bark of this plant, it helps to decrease levels of testosterone, which is detected in PCOS. Lodhra boost the generation of estrogen and progesterone hormones and keeps the level of cholesterol in check. Furthermore, Lodhra reinstitutes the histology of tissues especially ovarian tissues thus preventing the any irregularities in menstrual cycles in female.

    Arjun Chal

    Arjuna or Arjun Chal is extremely useful for cardiovascular fitness in the body and for tremendous other health benefits like treating sinus, un-rhythmic heartbeat, helps in eliminating aggravated pitta and curing any aliments relating to it. Arjun chal is very useful in both high and low blood pressure and stimulates the control such that normal blood pressure is maintained. The bark of Arjun tree act as urinary astringent and improves in regulation of periods in females. Basically, it a deciduous tree with fanning out of crown and dangling branches primarily found in dry tropical forests in greater part of India. The bark from this tree has commanded a lot of interest from the research institutions since it reinforce various health issues. It regulates the flow of blood and reduces any kind of congestion in the body.


    It is the natural herb that is instinctively used to treat hormonal imbalance and helps in regulating and balancing the periods in females. Not only this, it is extremely useful in reducing stress levels and enhance levels of energy in the body that is why Ashwagandha is popularly known as winter cherry or Indian ginseng. It might be secret for healthy life as well as sex life for women. This herb streamlines the hormones in the body and calm the nerves such that there is boost of energy in the system. Specifically, there are many hormonal changes in women life right from when they hit their puberty and goes till post-menopause. Ashwagandha helps in establishing a healthy hormonal harmony that determine ability of female to undergo a pain-free and pester-free periodic cycle and to reproduce successfully. Thus, incorporating Ashwagandha is essential for women’s core prosperity.


    One of the extraordinary yet rare constituents that have been shadow is Manjistha alternatively called as Indian madder. Manjistha is a star in the army of natural remedies to treat irregularities in periods. It helps in purification of blood and simplifying the functioning of lymphatic structure. Not only this, Manjistha is an exquisite element to get a glowing skin and curing any kind of skin diseases and allergies. Stem of Manjistha is actively used for the medicinal properties to arrest irregularities in menstrual cycles in female. Essentially, the imbalance in the hormones in the body especially linking to slow digestion, skin problems and menstrual problems. Consumption of Manjistha keep a track on the pitta dosha and helps the body to restore it. Moreover, it extends support to women who experience agonizing pain during the days they are having their periods. It is extremely beneficial during periods since it naturally builds the body to endure the pain. Furthermore, regular consumption of Manjistha can eradicate both tumors and any kind of malignant in the body.


    Daru Haridra

    It is Ayurvedic herb, red endemic plant that is known for plethora of medicinal properties. One of the primary benefit of Daru Haridra is to act as panacea to treat gynecological disorders along with strengthening the uterus in women’s body. It helps in curtailing inflammation in the body as well as relieve the body from painful periods. Daru Haridra streamlines the ovarian function and enhance the appetite. Thus, it is widely used not only to treat irregularities in the periods but also to cure cyst in the ovaries and uterus.


    Punarnava offers whole spectrum of health benefits, being a natural remedy for curing liver problems and preventing it from any form of infection. This herb is also very popular in treating the problems of diabetes and arthritis along with menstrual problems in women. It acts as natural remedy for curing infections in the private parts, fibroids and heavy bleeding during menstrual cycles. Urinary tract infections are becoming common in females that causes discomfort and sensation of burning while urinating. This herb has anti-microbial, anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory attributes that makes it very powerful in treating the irregularities in periods.


    One of the most popular Ayurvedic herb is Neem that is powerful in fighting against any infections. Its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties keeps the body healthy and protects from any malignant. Herb Azadirachta Indica, also known as Neem, is an extremely popular for treating several disease especially, the irregularities in periods as well as preventing infections in the private areas. Leaves of this herb and even the seed can play a crucial role to keep the body healthy and hormones levels intact. Although, it makes any Ayurvedic treatment very powerful as an essential component yet it equally beneficial if consumed alone if required.

    Aloe Vera

    One of the most dynamic Ayurvedic herb that has many substantial benefits to treat the irregularities of menstrual cycle in women along with many other powerful properties that can triple the output of healthy body and glowing skin. Although, Aloe Vera is very popular to treat numerous cosmetic p and enhance skin but that is just the tip of iceberg. Scientifically, Aloe Vera is a storehouse of prosperity and regarded as organic medicine to attack the manifestation of hormonal imbalance in the body. Scientifically, Aloe Vera strengths body by protecting and repairing the tissues in the organs like uterus, which is helps in streamlining the flow of blood such that it arrest the issues of heavy bleeding. Furthermore, Aloe Vera has various antioxidant properties that act as an added advantage in aspect of boosting immunity and regulating the flow of hormones all across the body.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

    How can I treat irregular periods naturally?

    Women having period is a biological part of her body and it is considered healthy if she is having her periods monthly in a periodic cycle. Periods are considered irregular if the duration of periods keeps wavering resulting in either they approach earlier or much later. Even the flow of bleed varies that is a call for concern since as a natural process it should be consistent all across. One of the best way to treat the irregularities in menstrual cycle naturally is to use the Vanshveda kit that is made from all natural Ayurvedic herbs of quality and in right quantity. Vanshveda kit ranging from Syrup, Capsules and Wash provides a complete spectrum to deal with the irregularities in periods from its root s and not just the symptoms. Consistent use of Vanshveda’s capsules along with a healthy diet can help to regulate the hormones in the body, promote ovulations in the ovaries, strengthens the uterus and eliminates any malignant element in the body.

    Which yoga is best for irregular periods?

    Yoga has been considered very compelling and impressive treatment for treating not just irregularities in periods but also various other menstrual issues. Yoga helps in curtailing the pain during the menstrual pain and irritation associated during these days like anxiety and depression rather enhances quality of life.

    Is Ashokarishta good for irregular periods?

    Ashokarishta is instrumental in enhancing the overall health condition in women and regulating several biological processes in the body. Ashokarishta stimulates the overall level of strength and stamina in women and enhances the metabolism such that it keeps the excessive weight in check. Furthermore, it acts as a primary source to comfort during the periods and relaxes the muscles that provides relief from the pain during the periods. Thus, it is an Ayurvedic medicine that is commonly used to treat various gynecological issues and menstrual concerns.  It targets female reproductive system in females and prevents any kind of ovarian as well as uterine diseases This herb provides a robust anti-inflammatory properties that avert any pain or damage to the ovaries, uterus or any other reproductive organs

    Does Shatavari regulate periods?

    Indeed, the Ayurvedic herb Shatavari helps in regulating the periods and focuses on wellness of female reproductive systems. It is very important herb for restoring the balance in the hormones and regulating the menstrual cycle in women. Essentially, it increases the generation of important hormones like estrogen and curtails the production of testosterone. In fact there are more gain and advantage of using this Ayurvedic herb, it has very strong feature of calming the nervous system and accelerating the levels of energy. Due to all this benefits sometimes this herb is also called as Indian Asparagus. With regular usage of Shatavari, problems like irregularities in periods, PCOS and other gynecological problems in women can be treated naturally.

    Can irregular periods be cured?

    Yes, indeed irregular periods which has become very common in women can be treated naturally without adding any side effects to the body. This can be done by using the Ayurvedic remedy encapsulated in Vanshveda that is complete storehouse of herbs that can treat problems like irregularities in menstrual cycle, PCOS, pain during periods and regulating the flow in women. In fact regular use of Vanshveda has proved not just a panacea for several gynecological problems but also to enhancing the quality of life in women. Capsules provide natural source of herbs in right quantity to be taken after the meal to regulate the balance of hormones in the body. Syrup is more like health tonic that has plenty of benefits than just treating the irregularities in the menstrual cycles in women. Regular intake of syrup builds stamina, strengths the uterus and prevent any damage that might happen to ovaries. Wash is very important part of Vanshveda kit since it acts an herbal disinfectant that removes any kind of harmful microorganisms that enter the body from sensitive areas.

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