Ayurvedic Medicine for Piles – Expert Advice

What are piles?

A piles is another term of haemorrhoids. It is basically a collection of inflamed tissue in the anal canal. It contains support tissue, blood vessels, elastic fibres and muscle. In easy terms:

  • They are swollen and inflamed collection of tissue in the anal area.
  • It can have different type of sizes and can be internal and external.
  • Internal piles are usually located 2 to 4 centimetres under the opening of anus and it is the most common type of pile. While external piles occur on the exterior edge of the anus.

Facts on piles:

Below are some key points and detailed information about piles:

  • Piles are collection of tissues in the vein that become swollen and inflamed
  • The size of piles can differ and they can be found interior or exterior on anus
  • The reason behind this painful disease can be chronic diarrhoea, chronic constipation, pregnancy, lifting heavy weights, or strain while having a bowel movement.
  • It can be diagnosed by doctor after the proper examination
  • Haemorrhoids are basically divided into 4 stages from 1 to 4th, at 3 or 4th grade surgery may require.


In most of the cases, the symptoms of piles are not really serious. They usually resolve on their own after some days if the situation is not very worse.

A person having piles may experience following symptoms:

  • The area around the anus is red, itchy and sore.
  • Red blood patches after passing stool.
  • After passing stool, an individual having piles may feel that the bowel movement is still incomplete
  • painful lump may be felt around anus or it can be hard as well
  • It may have coagulated blood. Piles that have blood are called thrombosed external hemorrhoids.
  • Pain during having a bowel movement.

Piles can occur into a more severe condition. This may include:

  • Infection
  • Excess of bleeding from anal
  • Incapability to control bowel movement
  • Fecal incontinence
  • Anal fistula- a new conduit is created between the skin and surface near anus or inside the anus
  • strangle hemorrhoid, blood supply to hemorrhoid is cut off or blood clot

What causes pile?

A pile is usually caused by increased force in the lower rectum.

The blood vessel near the anus and in the rectum will extend under pressure and may get bulge or swell which forms piles. This may lead to:

  • chronic diarrhea
  • chronic constipation
  • pregnancy
  • problem in lifting heavy weights
  • problem in passing the stool

The tendency of having this disease can be inherited or with the increase of age

How this painful disease can be diagnosed

How this painful disease can be diagnosed?

After a physical examination a doctor can diagnose the piles. They will first examine the anus of the individual with suspected piles.

The questions can be:

  • Have your bowel movement changed?
  • Does any of your close relative have this disease?
  • Is there any blood patch or mucus in the stool?
  • Color of the stool?
  • Fluctuation in weight


For internal pile check up, a doctor may examine the digital rectal examination or do it with the use of protoscope. It is basically a hollow tube with a light that helps the doctor to see the anal closely. They can also take a sample of small tissue from the rectum and check it in lab for further analysis.

Your doctor might ask you to change some things in your lifestyle to manage this disease. Some of them will be like:

  • Diet: piles usually occur due to strain in bowel movement. Excessive pain or strain in passing the stool leads constipation. A change in your diet can help you to pass your stool easily every morning. Intake of fiber like fruits, vegetables or primarily eating whole grain bread and cereals will help you to have a great bowel movement.
  • Increase of water consumption and avoid caffeine
  • Body weight: losing weight may help to decrease the incidence and sternness of piles.
  • Exercising daily is also very important to have a healthy body.
  • Side Effects of Ayurvedic Medicine of Piles

Side Effects of Ayurvedic Medicine of Piles

Ayurvedic hemorrhoid treatments like use of Kshara sutra or Kshara paste ligation are shown to be effective and safe. If your doctor has recommended the use of herbal supplements then make sure to as the side effects. Some possible side effects can be:

  • Bleeding
  • Damage of tissue
  • Pain
  • Shock
  • Infection
  • Leakage of stool
  • Reoccurrence of hemorrhoids

It can become more risky for a person having piles to choose the wrong medication. Which means it is important to work properly with an experienced practitioner before starting any treatment.

Your physician will be able to provide you proper detailed information about your problem and what other medical conditions are required to treat this painful disease properly without any side effect.


There are various options available in the market to get rid of piles. Some of them can be:

  • OTC (over the counter) medication: these are available online or OTC. Which include pads, ointments; painkillers and creams which help you soothe the swelling and redness around the anus. These OTC remedies do not heal piles but can help you with the symptoms. It is suggested to not use it for more than 7 days as it can cause irritation and redness on the skin.
  • Corticosteroids: this can help you to reduce pain or inflammation
  • Laxatives: your physician may prescribe laxative if an individual is suffering from constipation who already have piles. This can also help the person to pass the stool easily without any effort.

Ayurvedic Treatment For Piles

Ayurveda is a ancient Hindu medical practice that have been providing various secrets to the present generation. Though the origin of Ayurveda is in India but it is practiced worldwide. Ayurveda is basically recognized in the west as a complementary or alternative form of therapy. Ayurvedic medicines for piles are holistic in nature addressing the conditions of body, mind and spirit. It is concerned in bringing your body into balance to alleviate all the symptoms of illness.

As mentioned in ancient Ayurveda there are three body types or doshas: vatta, pitta and kapha. Each doshas is related to a specific element- fire-pitta, water-kapha, and air-vata. A person with one leading dosha will display emotional or physical characteristics related with the element.

The main goal in Ayurveda is to balance all the doshas. This is majorly done through the combination of lifestyle, diet, herbal remedies and modifications.

Hemorrhoids commonly known as piles are swollen veins found around the rectum or anus. They can external or internal. Some symptoms may include:

  • Painful bowel movements
  • Itchy or painful swelled lump around your anus
  • Intense itching near the anus
  • Leakage of stool
  • Blood patches from anus after or during the bowel movements

It is very important to examine it at very early stage, do go for diagnosis with your physician to avoid other problems.

There is various handful piles treatment in Ayurveda which you could try.

Types Of Piles Or Hemorrhoids According To Dosha

According to ayurveda, your dominant dosha describes the type of pile you have:

  • People who have pitta type of body may experience bleeding hemorrhoids, inflamed. Some other symptoms can be diarrhea, fever and urge of having water again and again.
  • People with vata body type may have constipation, unbearable pain and black color hemorrhoids with hard and rough texture.
  • People who have kapha may experience poor hemorrhoids or digestion that are light, slippery or white in color.

Ayurvedic approach to piles treatment is considered holistic. People having hemorrhoids who want to try healing them with ayurvedic medication should expect lifestyle changes, herbal remedies and possible minimal all-encompassing procedure as a part of their treatment process.

An ayurvedic practitioner will examine your overall health to determine your dosha before giving any medication or treatment suggestions. It is advisable to speak to your doctor for proper treatment and diagnose it from roots.

If you’re experiencing hemorrhoids and want to take a Treatment of piles in Ayurveda treatment, your options include:

Medication, Or Bhaishajya Chikitsa – A Piles Treatment In Ayurveda

This kind of ayurvedic Chikitsa is effective for minor hemorrhoids only. Patient can continue to undergo this treatment and expect relief only when the condition of piles suffering is not severe. Other procedures are not required unless hemorrhoids condition is worse. . In the situations that can be said to be worse, medications may be may be accompanied by procedures.

Dosha of patient is scrutinized by the Ayurvedic practitioner will be deciding factor into the medicinal remedies.  Dietary and lifestyle changes are to be followed by patient for fast recovery, healing and to avoid recurrence of piles.  Few medicines may  not turn out to be fruitful  for  dosha of patients, so  medications without the prescription  of ayurvedic practitioner  is to be strictly avoided.

Herbal Application, Or Kshara-   A Piles Treatment In Ayurveda

Kshara is a caustic (cutting) and alkaline put on used for the cure hemorrhoids. The constituents of paste comprise of distinct herbs which are blended together and has a cauterizing action. Kshara is applied on hemorrhoid by using a specialized device known as slit proctoscope. The paste has cutting affect on the hemorrhoid that could result in bleeding.

In Ayurvedic medicine for piles, this Kshara karma method is   considered to be most effectual for the treatment of hemorrhoids. Patient is recommended medicine on the grounds of his suffering which is supposed to be accompanied with lifestyle and dietary changes.  One’s body may develop allergic condition to any herbs. If it is known to the patient, it should be disclosed or practitioner should conduct a test to confirm the suitability of herbs.  Paste or cream may be applied over elbow region and can be applied to rectal area of the body on having no allergy over arm.

External Piles Treatment Through Sastra Chikitsa

Ayurvedic practitioner may depend upon the stage of piles also recommend a treatment called kshara sutra.  It comprises of Kshara sutra, which is a medicated thread specially manufactured for the purpose to remove hemorrhoid around the anus.  It is useful in the case of external piles only.

The thread is tied over hemorrhoid with the aim to cut off the blood supply   of the veins around anus, which leads to shrinkage in the size of hemorrhoid.  Hemorrhoid is left in tied condition for 8 to 10 days. It eventually shrivels and detaches it from the region of anus on its own.  This treatment is offered when above treatments do not work. .

Your Ayurvedic practitioner  primarily will have an assess  over your dosha  while deciding about the treatment.   Not general treatment for piles would work always as at times you may need specific medicine for thorough heeling.  Some permanent changes in the diet and lifestyle are needed to restrain the recurrence of piles.  The sastra Chikitsa   of ayurvedic treatment for piles and fissure is not completely free from risk.  It could result in infection as few patients may be sensitive and susceptible to infection. Therefore it is vital to consult an experienced healthcare practitioner before opting for sastra chikitsa.

Side Effects And Risks For Siddha Medicine In Piles

Side Effects And Risks For Siddha Medicine In Piles

Ayurvedic treatments for hemorrhoid like use of Kshara Sutra ligation and kshara paste have been claimed to be safe and effectual in reducing the suffering of Piles. But do not miss to talk or consult your doctor or practitioner about any possible side effects.  Remember herbal supplements or medications are needed to be consumed as per the intensity of suffering and confirm   about the likely side effects-

Patients undergoing Cauterization and surgical procedures are prone to risk and possible side effects that may be faced by patient include:

  • Damage to tissue– During surgical procedure, the tissue around anus may get damaged which enhances the suffering to higher extent.
  •  Excessive bleeding-    Patient may have to face high bleeding which may even increase at the time of passing of intestine waste.
  • Infection- The possibility of infection is high as bit of negligence in the surgical procedure may land the patient in more troubles.
  • Pain- Pain is quite obvious.  At times pain may become intolerable and causes discomfort in lying and sitting.
  • leakage of stool- due to damage of tissue around the anus and surgical procedures, patient may have to face embarrassing as well as annoying situation of leakage of stool from anus.   Frequent clean up and wetting the part may also cause irritation and pain the region.
  • Recurrence of hemorrhoids- temporary relief through surgical and cauterization procedure may   give   few months relief.  The hemorrhoids may emerge again and trouble the patient.

It is therefore highly important for patient to consult experienced practitioner. Consult and take credible medicines from a highly practiced doctor or practitioner who can guide you to avoid the things or the cautions that needs to be taken before starting the ayurvedic treatment.

Vanshveda brings you Sukharsh (KIT), a complete pack of herbal treatment for all kinds of piles.  It comprises of Capsules, ointment and powder which is meant to provide complete cure from piles. It can be termed as complete and one stop solution for the piles.  It is made of herbs only which are processed in organic style to make them suitable for human consumption. The specialty of this medicine lies that it stores effectiveness of piles of all types at any stage.  It simply eradicates the possibilities of surgery and promises relief to all.  They are absolutely easy to take with no nausea and irritation causing feature. Just follow the instructions given on the pack and be regular to confirm   complete relieve from the painful disease of anus.  Our piles treatment pack consists of best tablets for piles, ointment and medicines.  Patient needs to follow dietary guidelines while taking medicine for quick and permanent relief.

Its components –

  • Neem –
  • Pipal-
  • Aloevera
  • Nag Keshar
  • Atibala
  • Reetha
  • Bilva Patra
  • Jevanti
  • Kabela
  • Neelathota
  • Kapur
  • Jokhar
  • Sajjikhar
  • Kasis
  • Kalihara
  • Karvitori
  • Thuar ka dudh
  • Aak ka Dudh
  • Gomuttar


What is the best medicine for Piles?

Ans – So far, after comparing effectiveness for different kinds of medicines offered by diverse system of medicine, Ayurveda   has proved to be most effective. The reason   behind the affectiveness is its harmless herbs based constituents that work on to eradicate the issue from core. As per research done, an authentic and accurate ayurvedic treatment of  bleeding piles completely rules out the probability of recurrence of  piles issue. However the other medicine provides relief for the time being and often the issues emerges again after few months.

How can I permanently cure piles?

Ans-   the permanent cure depends upon the stage of piles. If the piles are in the early stage, it can be easily as well as permanently treated.  Cure of piles in its severe stage where tissue gets damaged, continuous bleeding occurs is slightly difficult but not impossible. Patients are often prescribed surgery but with right and natural medication.  You can get successful treatment of piles of any stage by opting for Vanshveda ayurvedic treatment for piles. Kindly follow the guidelines for best results in shortest time.

How piles can can be cured naturally

Ans – if you are interested in curing piles naturally than do not let your condition get worse. Treat it initial stage without trying anything else.  You can get it cured easily at home too if you take care of factors like diet and water intake along with the medication from your kitchen. Have a look underneath for natural cure of piles-

  • Guava is a fiber rich food that provides instant relief from constipation. Do not remove its seeds while eating as they too are effective in curing constipation.
  • Involve intake of fruits such as papaya, orange, pears and grapes to the diet to overcome constipation.
  • A glass of milk sweetened with honey or sugar should be taken twice a day.
  • Eat over night soaked raisins on daily basis.
  • Application of 2 to 3 drops of lukewarm castor oil on the navel prior to going to sleep in night removes constipation.
  • Ginger tea facilitates bowel movement and is a valuable ayurvedic cure for constipation.
  • Mix one tablespoon of honey to a cup of lukewarm water and drink it on an empty stomach.
  • Prepare lemonade in warm water and consume it regularly to eradicate constipation and cure piles in early stage.
  • Water is very important for the proper functioning of intestines. At least 3 liters of water should be drink daily.

Remember, all above natural remedies are effective only in the initial stage. If you feel that the condition is severe, then we advise you to consult an experienced practitioner.  .

 Can piles be cured with medicine?

Often it is said that surgery is the ultimate treatment for piles. It is not true. Medicines have the potency to cure piles completely provided right medicines without any side effects are taken. Ayurvedic medicine are  highly fruitful in  resolving piles condition but make sure that you take them from credible source like Vanshveda.  Along with medicines, patients need to eat fiber rich food and avoid harmful eatables that aggravate the conditions.

 What types of food is to be avoided in piles?

  • Consumption of spicy food is a reason hemorrhoid problem. Piles can be controlled by completely avoiding spicy, junk and fast food items in diet as neither they are rich in fiber nor do they contain any nutrients.
  • Do not involve hard digesting food in your diet like red meat. High fiber vegetarian diet is that one should start immediately on initial stage of piles.
  • Avoid too much of cheese- excessive consumption of cheese worsen the state of piles.  Try to have cheese based food items occasionally.
  • One should also restrict the intake of beverages like coffee, tea and alcohol in daily diet. Instead of beverages, go for green tea.
  • Inadequate intake of water concentration is another main factor that causes hemorrhoid troubles. You can regulate your digestive system as well as improve piles condition by taking plenty of water. For best results, one should confirm intake of at least eight glasses of water per day.

Vanshveda capsule, supplemented with potential ingredients is a best suggested herbal cure to take care of piles or hemorrhoid difficulty. It comprises of Ingredients that have been used for the cure of piles for centuries. Chief health benefits of including Vanshveda medicine for piles in diet is that it does not cause itching and is highly effective in reducing pain and bleeding.   The treatment prescribed by Vanshveda is absolutely herbal in composition and assures no side effects.  Hence, it can be said that it is a permanent and side effect free treatment absolutely free of side effects.

Is ayurveda good for piles

It would be unfair to ask the above question as Ayurveda is the best system of medicine for piles. It eliminates the possibilities of undergoing surgery and side effects thereon.  Moreover it assures permanent cure to the patient instead of suppressing the diseases.  But it involves right intake of food by the patients and compliance with the instructions by practitioners.   Ayurvedic Medicines can provide you complete relief from piles.

Can triphala cure piles?

Yes, triphala is highly effective in catering cure from hemorrhoids.  It is a widely known for its healing features. It aids in reducing and healing the discomfort or inflammation of fistula-in-ano. It also confirms bowel movement and eases the condition of constipation which is one of the causes of piles. Triphala also works on excreting the toxic waste from the body which causes internal hemorrhoids.

Can we treat piles without surgery?

The answer to above question is ‘YES’. Piles are not a life threatening diseases without cure. It can be treated without surgery easily by undergoing ayurvedic medicine for piles formulated by Vanshveda. It brings you highly safe nature based medicine capable of curing piles of any stage.

Vanshveda, is Veda centric ayurvedic clinic practicing the medicinal values stated in these ancient books.  Inspired from teachings of Veda, Vanshveda   proffers ayurveda based herbal medicines for piles and almost all other health issues.   It emphasizes on gradual and permanent cure to all health issues through Ayurveda offerings.   Extracting the best from ayurveda and providing customized treatment is that it ensures to all patients after thorough study of the case of each and every patient.

With a vision to see no suffering in our country, we endorse reasonably priced highly result oriented medicines for the patients across the nation.   We too joined the digital revolution with a view to avoid the hassles of going the clinic and waiting for hours and hours in queues. We work on complete relaxation and comfort for the patient and therefore present  online ordering and home delivery services  to all corners of the country. Browse our site or call us for best Ayurvedic medicine for piles presented by Vanshveda, an icon of quality, credibility and respite.

Order online for vanshveda medicine for piles

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