Ayurvedic Treatment for Cough and Sore Throat

Ayurvedic Treatment for Cough and Sore Throat

The two types of Vata, Prana Vayu and Udana Vayu preside over or manage the respiratory system of human beings.  Irritation in the throat and other respiratory parts is followed by the entry of allergens, viruses, and bacteria in the body.  Our body protests them and out of counter attack, it expels air forcibly from trachea to get rid of obstruction.  Subsequently, the biological air called Vata in Ayurvedic terms gets imbalanced causing ‘VATAJA KASA’ or dry cough.  In the Ayurveda cough is termed as a Kapha, the water disorder. Ayurvedic Treatment for Cough and Sore throat is the universal and best cure of dry cough. Let us have extensive study over the dry cough before conducting study over in and out of Ayurvedic treatment of dry cough.

An overview on Dry cough–  

 The speeding urbanization and new lifestyle has gifted the human being enormous happiness and amenities for a comfortable life but do you know where you have been dragged by it. Several diseases are endowed to us and common cold is one amongst them.  Scientifically called influenza is widespread health problem amongst folks of all age right from infant to old people.

Cough could be acute, subacute and chronic depending upon its lasting duration. Acute cough lasts approximately for three weeks and is caused by common cold and sinusitis or pneumonia.  Whereas subacute cough entraps the patient for almost 3 to 8 weeks and exists in body even after the infection is cured.  On the other hand, if your cough  affects you beyond the  duration of 8 weeks,  your cough may be categorised  as chronic cough attributing its reasons to GERD,  gastroesophageal reflux diseases, sinus, allergies, asthama, COPD, interstitial lung problem.

There are broadly 4 types of cough-

  • Dry cough
  • Whooping cough
  • Croup cough
  • Wetting cough
  • Dry Cough or hacking cough grabs the body due to an infection in the upper part of respiratory system of the body like throat and nose. Dry cough usually troubles more in night time and in a warm environment. It is a commonly found ailment in metropolitan cities with high smoke, pollution and other allergens content in the air.  The allergens get entry from throat, airways to lungs causing inflammation in the affected region.  Dry cough if not cured timely may become chronic and hard to cure problem.

    Know The Symptoms To Opt For Ayurvedic Treatment For Dry Cough

    A person having dry cough usually shows underneath symptoms:

  • Recurrent dry coughing that gets uncontrollable.
  • Mild fever
  • Post eating nausea
  • Weariness and tiredness.
  • Body produces Phlegm/sputum that forms congestion in the lungs.
  • Burning sensation, breathing problem and suffocation are few problem associated with it.
  • Often pain subsists in head, forehead, heart, chest, temples, head, and abdomen. It escalates more while coughing.
  • Tetchiness persists
  • Excessive thirst  with dry throat
  • Dryness in the mouth, excessive thirst, bitter taste
  • Sore throat, hoarseness of voice
  • Difficulty in swallowing food
  • Causes

    The root cause behind the cough is increasing allergens in the air.  However, allergens   is not about pollutants in the air that causes allergy, it is an extensive term that includes what you eat, you touch and breathe. Your body develops allergy to these specific things and consequently irritation leading to cold and cough starts.  The reason behind  dry cough are infection  in respiratory tracts, tendency of  suppression of vomit, inflammation, pneumonia and sinusists which leads to formation of cough in the body which ultimately drips down in respiratory organs like trachea, lungs and sticks to  them.

    Strong immunity is that can withstand high pollution level, smoke from toxic products, dust and a other allergic elements. Proper nutrition, clean and healthy surroundings   is all that one needs.

    Pranayam is considered to be panacea of many respiratory issues. If You want to develope immunity towards allergens, switch on to prayanam, another gift of ancient science Ayurveda.

    Best Treatment for Dry Cough- Ayurvedic treatment for Dry cough

    Ayurvedic treatment theory for dry cough

    Ayurveda stores the most effective treatment for dry cough through its valuable herbs out of which some are part of our daily kitchen and often used as home remedy.  But right composition of the useful herbs caters timely cure along with minimising the chances of its recurrence.   Cough Treatment in Ayurveda involves uprooting the cause of cough. Ayurveda medicinal prescription is done on the basis of intensity of dosha composition and its symptoms.  Dosha composition is the balance of Vata-Pitta-kapha balance in the body.

    Ayurveda is the resource of advanced medicines for the ailment for all coughs related symptoms right from coughing, infection fever, and sore throat to respiratory issues. For instance Lakshmivilasarasa, Pravalachandrodaya, Vaikrantabaddara, Talisadi, Churana,  Draksharista, Sithopaladhi Churna etc  to treat dry cough or Vataja Kasa.

    Ayurvedic Medicine for the Treatment of Dry Cough

      Ayurvedic system of science has discovered medicines, oils, capsules and rubs for the patient affected with dry cough. As per Ayurveda, mild and pungent heat to respiratory system can help in loosening up of the cough.  Sesame oil is mixed with couple of herbs is great product prescribed by Ayurveda which when massaged on chest aids in getting rid of cough accumulated in chest. The other ayurveda based product helpful in giving cure from cough is Ghrita which is prepared by warming ghee with herbs like Vanshveda wild cherry bark, licorice, vasaka, kantakari etc.  However intake of many medicines often disturbs the digestive system. To maintain the proper functioning of digestive system niruha basti and anuvasna bhasti is the two medications offered.

    However, in present context the treatment offered varies depending upon the climate, lifestyle and conditions of the patient. A good doctor and right medication can only safeguard the condition from getting worse. Experienced and qualified ayurveda experts and the genuine ayurveda based medicines is that patients need badly. Vanshveda, one stop destination for Ayurvedic Medicine for Chronic Cold and Cough offers range of medicinal products for the cure of dry cough and numerous health issues

    Vanshveda treatment for Dry cough –

    Post years of research and study, Vanshveda Ayurvedic Medicine for Cough and its experts bring you 100% harmless and effectual treatment for dry cough through its range of products.  Based on the teachings of Ayurveda, our experts have formulated cough syrup and tablets for any intensity of dry cough. Our medicines do not just work upon giving respite from the issue, rather works upon boosting the strength and immunity of patient to avoid its frequent recurrence.

    Our medicines  just not work on creating  kapha  balance in the soma, rather aims on pacifying the whole body right from head to toe without affecting adversely.  Ayurvedic medicine by Vanshveda   are purely based on herbs

     Vanshveda Panch  Tulsi Syrup

     Vanshveda Panch Tulsi syrup, An Ayurvedic Cough Syrup is primarily Tulsi based syrup made from 5 types of Tulsi.  It contains all herbs based ingredients offering no side effects and all safe ingredients to consume.

     Ingredients –

  • Ram Tulsi ,Shyam Tulsi, Van Tulsi, Barbari Tulsi, Mughal Tulsia – These are 5 types of Tulsi  with offering higher degree of efficiency for  the cure of cough.
  • Ashwagandha- its multiple health benefits qualities reduce cough related anxiety and aids in improving the health and quality of life of patient.
  • Ginger – Its anti-inflammatory traits eases the dry and asthmatic cough along with nausea and pain in the body. Ginger relaxes the airways of membrane, thereby minimising cough.
  • Elaichi- It enhances the circulation of blood in lungs reducing the problems concerning with breathing like cough, cold and asthama.

    Efficiency of the syrup –

  • Relieves respiratory system– They strengthen the lungs of patient and gradually removes cough gathered in lungs and respiratory organs. Ginger unties phlegm and provides relief from congestion in lungs.
  • Asthama- It is highly beneficial in giving cure from Asthama too by reducing the cough production in the body and clearing the respiratory organs.
  • Running nose – Running nose release sticks to the respiratory system and creates obstruction in breathingPach tulsi syrup stops the running nose to prevent the condition of patients from getting worse.
  • Vanshveda Cough Syrup and Capsules-

    vanshveda cough syrup is an Ayurvedic proprietary medicine and cough syrup by Vanshveda. Its prime ingredients like Tulsi, Banafsha and Mulethi along with various other components are ideal and panacea for cough for folks of all age including kids. However the syrup should either is taken as per direction given on packaging or as per the ayurvedic consultant.  Let us have a look at its ingredients of best

    Ayurvedic Syrup for Dry Cough

  • Tulsi , Jufa, Adusa, Apamarg are widely spread effective herbs that gives relaxation to chest and  its wheezing sound due to cough congestion.
  • Munnaka- It contains natural sugar and is great source of anti-oxidant that assists in providing reprieve in cough.
  • Mulethi- it caters immediate relief from dry throat, constant coughing, and sneezing.
  • Menthol – it caters soothing effect to sore throat with no discomfort in throat.
  • Efficacy

  • Respiratory relief-
  • Asthama
  • Congestion
  • Sore throat
  • Dripping nose

    Things to avoid for the best results

    For best results, vanshveda experts suggests avoidance of certain eatables and little bit of change in lifestyle for speedy recovery along with undergoing Cough Treatment in Ayurveda. If precautions are not taken by the patience, cough may strike back or would take more to cure.  Check out the following guidelines for quick recovery from dry cough while taking Vanshveda medicines for dry cough-

  • Make sure to cover your nose whenever you are  moving out  in the open
  • Say no to cold water or cold eatables like ice cream or frozen fruits.
  • Strictly avoid intake of junk, fried, spicy and dry food.
  • Restrain cold drinks or other cocktails or mocktails.
  • The digestive agni in the body gets week during dry cough, so it is advised to take small as well as nourishing meals. Hot soup is considered best.
  • If possible drink luke warm water and if you cannot then normal water is instructed.
  • Consume clean, room temperature/warm water
  • Enhance vitamin C intake to strengthen the immunity of the body.
  • As suggested earlier, practise Pranayam
  • Avoid irritants like smoke from mosquito coils, incense etc.
  • Install air purifier or humidifier in the bedroom.
  • Have 8-9 hours of sleep daily.
  • Try to have dinner before sunset
  • Ayurvedic Home Remedies For Dry Cough

    Home remedies are often more effective and fruitful for temporary cure from the dry cough.   We bring some easy home remedies from straight from your kitchen. Try out following ayurvedic home remedies: If you are suffering from Dry cough, try out these effective

    Ayurvedic home remedies for dry cough:

  • Turmeric and honey is natural antibiotic and when taken with warm milk before time.
  • Prepare the mixture of turmeric powder and honey. Take it thrice a day.
  • To reduce inflammation Licorice (Mulethi) lozenges is highly effective.
  • Use Decoction of Ani seed or sauf as base water for tea and coffee.
  • If you are having irritation in throat, a pinch of cinnamon powder in water would soothe your throat.
  • Syrup of ginger and honey is highly effective in getting cooling effect to the throat.
  • Ginger juice mixed with honey is great for throat.
  • Pieces of ginger with black pepper and black salt are immensely useful in treating dry cough.
  • Tea of basil leaves, ginger and honey is highly effective in dry cough.
  • Keep Tulsi leaves in mouth for entire day as much as possible for fastest recovery. Tulsi extract relives the sore throat immensely.

     FAQS about Ayurvedic Treatment for Cough –

    ·         What is the best Ayurvedic medicine for cough?

    Almost every ayurvedic medicine claims it to be the best. But best one is that which stores safety and cure to patient without harming the patient. Don’t just buy any medicine just on the basis that ayurveda is mentioned on it.  Opt for medicine with details of ingredients, manufacturer and    date of manufacturing as well as date of expiry.   Panch Tulsi , vanshveda cough syrup and capsules are provided  by vanshveda the best ayurvedic medicine for cough as they comply with above criteria finely

    ·         What is the Ayurvedic medicine for dry cough?

     The medicine based on the philosophy of ayurveda   is based on Tulsi, ashwagandha, Elaichi and ginger.   These constituents are magic potion for the cough.  Panch Tulsi is the name of the syrup and medicine having potential to cure dry cough within no time.

    ·         How do you get rid of a cough quickly?

      No medicine acts like a magic stick and can give cure from cough immediately in few hours and a day.  If any provides instant results, then check out its constituents. Ayurveda does not give instant results but their effect is certain and long lasting. Proper medication and right consultancy along with regular accomplishment of course of medicine is required to get rid of cough as quick as possible.   Make sure to take the medicine as per prescriptions for best results. Often medicines are to be taken with warm water or milk, it is prescribed so to fetch you best results quickly only.

    ·         Is Pankajakasthuri good for cough?

    Pankajakasthuri is herbs and honey-based cough syrup. It is highly effectual cough syrup completely free from alcohol, sedatives or steroids. It is 100% safe cough syrup.

    Our products are absolutely safe to be taken and promises quick relief in shortest possible time. We value health and quality life and hence present range of product to enrich the life of people with rejuvenating and curing   qualities for better today and tomorrow of the patient.  Order online and get the panacea for dry cough at your door anywhere in the nation and overseas.

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