Ayurvedic Medicine To Gain Weight - Expert Advice

Ayurvedic Medicine To Gain Weight – Expert Advice

Vigor and energy is essential to excel in life. Energy is the currency to support all the operation in the body and work towards our goal. However, very often, it is seen people do not invest their time and money to build their body or even focus on the internal health accompanied with stress due to personal and professional commitments adds up to poor build of the body. Today, low weight issues, being anorexic, hyper-metabolism and inability to build body muscle has become very common all across the world. Anorexia is a disease in which person loses his/her appetite, is not able to gain essential weigh in the body and feels lethargic all the time. Proper weight is critical and significant for maintaining good health. The track of what is been consumed in diet and in how much quantity is cardinal in sustaining a healthy weight and not going under or over board. For many decades, low-fat diets considered as optimum for maintaining a healthy body mass however, now research shows that it makes the body deficient of essential vitamins that are required. It is a sad plight today; most of our medical treatments that are available tends to focus on how to lose weight while your intent is to gain certain kilos instead. Especially this weight gain should in a manner that is holistic and balanced. So, we have created this learning guide for you to understand what Ayurvedic Medicine To Gain Weight can help you.

It’s a common perception that gaining weight is easy, but let me just state the fact that many people grapple to gain even few kilos to say the least. Despite of adding all the elements to induce some mass in the body and maintain the diet, people are crippling a healthy Body Mass and Weight.

In last few decades, we have seen a drastic rise of people who are underweight and prevalence of malnutrition all across the India. Sure, being obese is a problem but there are people who are extremely skinny and they are suffering from the problem of excessive weight loss. This issue of weight loss has amplified especially in people who belong to humble background however, now tentacles of weight loss has reached to families in middle class and upper section of the society. There are strong evidence that under the age bracket of six to ten kids become excessively lean and thin, moving forward it is observed that these young kids develops problems in bone and witnessed a stunned growth. This pattern has approximately tripled according to the surveys considered in 50 schools all across the country. Problem of weight loss is not something that will hit you all at once, it aggravates with each passing day and might develop that comes in the age bracket of seven to twelve and have become nearly four times among adolescents that falls in the age bracket of thirteen to nineteen. If not worked on the retarding weight by following a rigorous diet along with exercise then this weight may further, breakdown essential fat in the body. Propensity of losing weight in children has grown exceptionally due to improper diet; imbalance of hormones due to deficiencies of certain nutrients in the body. This can escalate to low blood pressure, heart problems, cancers, kidney/gall-bladder stones and other chronic circumstances. There are numerous allopathic supplements that are available that helps the body to gain weight yet they also breed several side effects. This is one of the fundamental rationale to opt for the Ayurvedic treatments that leverage the herbal benefits and molds the strength of the body. Especially the condition of weight gain demands a holistic remedy than catering to the symptoms or narrowing down to results of advancing few kilos in the body. Experts and several practicing Physicians after analyzing the results from several cases and researching the medical records finds that opting for Ayurvedic treatment are most effective in long run, hence recommend use of Ayurvedic treatment all across.

In majority of the cases, treatments are more focused on gaining the weight and very few makes an effort to prepare the body to gain the desired weight. Although common perception is that gaining weight is extremely easy however, reality is very different. There is a strong dependence on nature of body, type of structure and degree of metabolism in the body and that corresponds to the fact that Weight Gain is difficult similar to losing the weight for the other people. Person who is under-weight tends to feel fatigue and drowsy in any work he or she performs. Not only this, such underweight persons appears to be malnourished and weak physically.

This is a concern and calls for serious attention, since being underweight is equally or even worse than being obese. Moreover, even if one is not medically underweight then they still might desire to increase the muscle in them. Irrespective of the condition that one is medically underweight or may be struggling for weight gain especially in the muscles, essential principles are the same

Reason Why Being Underweight is Dangerous for You

Reason Why Being Underweight is Dangerous for You

  • Stunned weight and low body mass tends to a weak body structure and incapacitated immune systems that forms the breading ground of several harmful diseases and retarded growth of the body.
  • Continuance state of being underweight might raise grave health issues like osteoporosis, low blood pressure and heart diseases
  • Being underweight gives an impression to others that a person might be having certain medical problem. Moreover, personality is often hidden behind the outer appearance and generally, rest of the people you meet are quick to judge. In order to have an appealing personality one needs to have good weight that complements the height and age. Good personality comes from a proper weight.

A person is considered or termed as a healthy individual only if he or she has body weight according to his/her height and age else the person is termed as unfit, to be precise as over-weight or under-weight. It is critical to have prescribed body mass as per the age and height in order for genuine functioning and proper development of all the body organs. Vogue of Ayurveda has revitalized recently because of its comprehensive approach that has a strong heritage of more than 5000 years in medicine and treatment. Essentially, meaning of Ayurveda is art of herbs and longevity that provides a holistic remedy for all kinds’ problems relating to the human body and aligned disorders along with that. Primarily, underlying therapy behind the Ayurveda is to blend essential elements in the diet coupled with medication and yoga such that there is proper generation and consumption of energy in the body.

Benefits of Ayurvedic Products

There are tremendous benefits in leveraging the classical Ayurvedic concepts and application with the herbs in order to enable people in gaining weight in natural and healthy way. Moreover, banking on the concepts of Ayurveda guarantees that there will be no hidden side effects attached to the treatment. Powerful advantage of Ayurveda comes from the fact that nature of treatment is based on organic ingredients, essentially made from fruits, plants, spices and vegetables. This composition assists in arresting the root cause and not just treating the symptoms of the disease. However, the use of Allopathy medicines has many side effects like drowsiness, gastric problems, loss of hair, nausea and several kind of allergies. Ayurvedic treatments may not give results immediately however, it provides a permanent cure for the disease in most effective way and focus on complete wellness of the body. Moreover, this Ayurvedic treatment will enhance the immunity of the body such that body does not fell prey to any other disease.

On the contrary, there are few challenges encountered if person does not know the depth of Ayurvedic herbs, their application and amount of consumption. Secondly, herbs Ashwagandha, Chitrak Mool, Safed Musli, Sonth, Gokhru aren’t readily available and no authenticity of the quality especially in Tier one cities. Authentic herbs are a rare to find since there are multiple ways to adulterate the ones available loosely in the market. Furthermore, Ayurvedic herbs might not be effective if they are simply gulped with water, all at ones since effectiveness comes from precision and accuracy in any case. Like every other well-planned solution, consumption of these Ayurvedic herbs needs to be in right quantity and consumed daily for the effective results.  Scientifically, irregular consumption of them may raise different health issues that might be serious since anything in excess is bad. In order to solve these challenges and provide remedy to not just the problem of underweight but also to make the process of consumption of these Ayurvedic herbs standard all across for consistent results. After years of research and scientific due diligence Vanshveda is designed, curated from the Ayurvedic herbs blended with spices in precise quantity to produce optimum results.

Vanshveda –Herbal Solution for Weight-Gain

If you are person who is concerned about the overall health of your body along with its proper functioning and aspire for a healthy solution to current problems then Vanshveda is answer to all your prayers. After extensive research and thorough analysis of herbs that can produce effective results for different body types, Vanshveda has remedy for the working on the weight related issues and hyper-metabolism through its flagship products, made from authentic herbs that are of high quality. Furthermore, it also arrest the problem of unavailability of all these herbs by packaging together with best of all the spices and herbs in a way that can be more organized and specialized to treat issues of excessive weight loss, muscle breakdown in the body and persistence of being under weight. Vanshveda constitute of medicinal adaptogenic like blending Ayurvedic herbs like Ashwagandha, Chitrak Mool, Safed Musli, Sonth, Gokhru blended with handpicked spices in right amount. This combination of high quality herbs and spices in right quantity that tends to produce constructive effects on the body especially advantageous for a healthy metabolism and storing essential fats and lipids. Furthermore, on consistent use of Vanshveda for weight gain there will be exponential improvement in the overall health of mind and body since there are effective anti-inflammatory elements involved with stress releasers and antioxidants that strengthens the body from within. These flagship remedies of Vanshveda can help a person experience an enriching experience in life. It provides complete wellness program that promotes gaining of weight, improving personality in the most natural ways possible along with treating anorexia and complete detoxification of body. Vanshveda is a personalized solution that is according to one’s body-type as compared to any random weight-gain mechanism or program one has ever seen. Essentially, this is because  products are made after analyzing the body, type of work-out or exercise done that ranges on the scale of Zero (0) to Ten (10) where 0-zero means no exercise at all and Ten (10) implying a person is regularly working out in the gym. If one aspires to have healthy personality and believes in quality living then Vanshveda is answer to all the prayers. Vanshveda’s products, engineered with best quality herbs and spices such that it not only helps in weight-gain but also can also boost the immunity of the body. Hence, it acts as a health supplements that enhance the body and necessary for its well-being. Vanshveda helps men and women to gain weight, muscle mass effectively without having any side effects attached to it. It is devoid of any chemicals or harmful agent that can harm the body in any way possible.

Anatomy of Vanshveda – Sneak peak in best ways to Gain Weight

Package of Vanshveda for Weight-Gain

constitutes of two products that are extremely effective in gaining weight and also enhances balancing metabolism, circulation of blood, that instill energy and productivity. Vanshveda brings to you, assorted solution under one roof that targets specialized parts of body and brain in efficient and natural way to get best results. Essentially, pack of Vanshveda contains sets of Active capsules made from Ashwagandha, Chitrak Mool, Sonth and Gokhru, pack of 30 capsules in each packet. Along with this, an exquisite powder that forms health drink when couple with any juice or water. This is a powerful combination organized in a way to provide best results in most agile and effective manner. Since Vanshveda is composed of natural herbs, significant elements like Ashwagandha and Safed Musli, also makes it a natural and a powerful health tonic that arrests excessive breakdown of fats, helps in arresting anabolism, stimulates appetite, minimizes fatigue, refreshes the blood and amplify the vigor. Essentially, it is a success formula for gaining weight, treating anorexia and for balancing different hormones for effective metabolism of fats and lipids. Although, the complete package provides extraordinary results for the weight-gain along with added advantage of making the skin more radiant, contributes in hair-growth and keeping the body balanced. A complete natural solution to control the hyper-metabolism and developing a strong built in most effective way goes through this kit. Furthermore, every component of the package provides fruitful result in developing muscles, controlling metabolism, retaining essential weight and even for detoxification of body. This complete package consist of active Body-Fit capsules and a therapeutic powder (150 grams) that forms a health tonic which in-turn act as a storehouse of necessary minerals and vitamins.

Magic Powder:-

What makes Vanshveda’s powder magical is that it is made of Safed Musli, high quality Sataveri, Gokhru, Cardamom (Elaichi) and Tej Patta along with powerful spices like Kali Mirch (pepper) blended in right quantity. This powder just needs to be mixed with juice, milk or even water in order for it to transform into a natural analeptic, if is consumed twice a day strengthens the body immunity and metabolism thereby vitalizing the energy, arresting excessive breakdown of the fats and increases sensation of hunger. Not only this, Vanshveda’s powder contributes to many other advantages like anti-aging properties that can arrest many cosmetic problems of wrinkles, dullness in skin and premature aging. This is a refreshing drink that calms and cools the body from within such it helps to de-stress, eradicates any issues of body-aches and gastric disorders.

Active Body-Fit Capsules

One of the most interesting component of this Vanshveda’s package is its Active Body-Fit Capsules that are made from natural herbs and spices. For best results of gaining weight, building muscles and to control excessive metabolism there are set of 30 capsules required to be consumed twice a day, once after breakfast and before bedtime for effective and efficient results. These capsules are completely made from herbs like Chitrak Mool, Triphala, Gokhru, and largely of Ashwagandha and Sonth blended in such a way that it act as a natural reinforce to boost muscle growth, caters to balance the degree of metabolism and stimulate appetite along with enhancing the energy and vigor in the body. Essentially, these capsules act as natural supplements to the body that stimulates effective hunger of food and generation of energy. Perhaps, amplifying the quantum of energy produced that makes a person more active. Moreover, these capsules have many other medicinal values that it offers like helps to reduce stress, assist in minimizing the blood pressure and keep in check the sugar levels. Through extensive survey and analysis on the results acquired from the feedback of the people, one can easily discern that who-ever consumes Vanshveda, feel fresh and relaxed after its use. In fact, this capsule is taken not just to treat the problem of weight-gain or bodybuilding but also for developing an appealing personality, better physical fitness and active performance in daily life.

Deep Dive in Vanshveda’s Ingredients for Weight Gain

Sataveri – Technically referred to the Asparagus Racemosus plant mostly found in tropical countries. Particularly, in India, the herb is commonly known by the name of Indian Asparagus, which is primarily found in parts of Asia also in certain areas of Africa. It is a woody plant and its root has tremendous medicinal properties. That is the reason why it is highly recommended for females who are conceiving and even after maternity since it helps in healing the body internally. It helps the mothers to improve the quality and quantity of breast milk. Not only this, Shatavari also helps in easing the process of digestion and arresting problems related to in-digestions. The power of this herb lies in its root, which is dried and grounded into powder. Sataveri forms an essential component of Vanshveda’s powder. The powder when mixed with the juice or even water can arrest problem of hyper-metabolism. This helps in alleviating all the problems related to inability to gain weight and the symptoms like vomiting, nausea, persistent fatigue and weakness. This ingredient in the powder can also help in healing ulcers and provide relief from the pain associated with the same. Essentially, this element act as classic digestive aid that helps in the balancing the quantity of acids that is secreted during digestion in-turn encouraging balanced inflammatory reactions in the intestines and the mucous present in the inner membrane of the intestines. This is possible by easing the fluids and coating the membrane. Moreover, Shatavari helps in weight gain since it kills the harmful bacteria like candida that are present in the digestive tract that results into excessive breakdown of carbohydrates and fats. Furthermore, Shatavari helps in reducing stress from the body and releasing the tension accumulated in the body from the environment.

Safed Musli – Scientifically, this herb is Chlorophytum Borivilianum, a plant that is extensively used because of its medicinal properties. Safed Musli has strong ability to cure hyper-metabolism and inability to gain weight since it is a rich source of vitamins, proteins, steroids, carbohydrates and essential polysaccharides. It boosts immunity of the body, helps in keeping the metabolism in check. Moreover, Musli combats weakness by inducing vitality and storing energy in the body. It helps in increasing body weight by building the muscle strength, restoration of tissues and its recovery. In order to ensure the body muscles enhances Safed Musli is critical for any bodybuilding supplement. Vanshveda leverages the concept of BRIHANA, which is a part of Ayurveda that involves herbs like Safed Musli for increasing the body endurance and weight to enhance the physical performance. Hence, one of the critical element of Vanshveda’s powder is to provide the internal shield to the body from hyper-metabolism and boosting the body to gain weight and hence, it is even a supplementing for bodybuilding.

Sonth – It is a fine powder that is formed after drying ginger and because of its abundance benefits it is used in many treatments. Distinguishing bold flavors that add taste to the food is a further advantageous which arouses the taste buds and is an effective remedy to treat weight gain. Sonth is key ingredient in Vanshveda’s powder that helps in healing any irritation in the stomach. If consumed regularly it helps in lifting the problem with indigestion, constipation and any stomach infection. It contains many anti-inflammatory traits that can calm body and mind. Essentially, Sonth contains significant thermogenic agents that are useful for healthy metabolism and store fat in the body.

Cardamom – One of the well-known spice that is been actively used in cooking and baking. Known for its strong flavor and tinge of sweetness and is often compared to mint. India, is the source of this spice which is now been exported all across the world. Every aspect of Cardamom –oil that is extracted from Cardamom and even its seed are considered to possess many medicinal traits hence are widely used in Ayurvedic treatments like Vanshveda for the effective results in gaining muscle power and strength. Cardamom contains many antioxidants that helps in combatting inflammation and protects the body from damage. It helps in digestion and relieves from any kind of pain, irritation or discomfort related to metabolism.

Tej Patta – Also known as Indian Bay Leaf is a popular spice used in India kitchen for amplifying the taste in food. Moreover, Tej Patta is also a key ingredient in Ayurvedic treatments since it stimulates important enzymes that helps in digestion of food and enhance the bioavailability of the vitamins and nutrients when the food is digested in the intestine. These herbal leaves possess a volatile oil that act as phytochemical like monoterpenes that helps in healing any bacterial or fungi infections.

Chitrak Mool – It is one of the robust herbs that is available for helping in gaining the body mass. Chitrak Mool helps in proper digestion and healthy metabolism. This herb enhances appetite and stimulate hunger to consume more food. It boosts immunity, reduces inflammation and is a remedy for controlling the enlargement in spleen. This Ayurvedic poly herb is a classical ingredient in Vanshveda and serves to benefit the body by its appetizing and digestive properties. Chitrak Mool intensifies the digestive fire in the body that induces sensation to eat and assist in supporting the liver functions. Primarily, one of the reason for losing weight dangerously is because of the inadequacy of digestive fire ‘Aama’ that results in the generation of endotoxins. This deficiency also leads to several ailments that can create chronic diseases especially raise the problem of harmful reduction in weight. By the virtue of Vansveda’s capsules the problem with digestion, issues with peristaltic movements and weight control is regulated.

Gokhru – One of the essential ingredient of Vanshveda’s capsule is Gokhru Pal that induces vigor in the body and diminishes the problems related to fatigue after exercise. This herb provides internal strength to the body and muscle tissues that aid in establishing tremendous muscle mass. However, the quantity of Gokhru to be consumed needs to be supervised because if taken in excess might create few digestible issues. With the help of Vanshveda, one can consume this herb in the most pure form blended with other natural herbs in the right quantity that makes it even more powerful and essential to be included in the diet.

Ashwagandha – A well-known herb known for its powerful medicinal properties and is utilized in Vanshveda’s Ayurvedic treatment for its tremendous therapeutic and pharmaceutical value. Ashwagandha ensures to balance all the digestive enzymes and prevents it to become acidic. It is not only beneficial to control the metabolism of any person but also enhances nervous and immune system. Furthermore, Ashwagandha also keeps intact the entire functioning such that it can promote happy hormones in the body. Essentially, it is an aphrodisiac and essentially integrated for curing for physical weakness and fatigues. It generates nitric oxide in the body that helps in dilating the blood vessels and promotes appetite fueling the capability to gain weight.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

  1. Does Ashwagandha helps to gain weight?

Ashwagandha is the classical adaptogens, which is most effective to treat hyper-metabolism and excessive weight loss in the body. A powerful herb that is involved in the Vanshveda’s solution that nullifies any chemical stress in the body and enhances the strength in the body. Therefore, if person indulges in exercise and necessary weight training Ashwagandha helps in assisting to reduce the physical stress and fatigue caused by these fitness regimes. Stress caused by physical activities or any chemical induces in the body releases hormones that are catabolic that breakdown even the essential fats and dangerous for muscle building in the body. Herb Ashwagandha has proven immensely successful in reducing the anabolism in the body there by being effective in gaining the weight. With regular intake of Ashwagandha enhances faster recovery and results to gaining weight in the healthy way.

  1. Does Triphala increase weight?

Yes, indeed Triphala helps in increasing weight and building body mass in the body. A traditional Ayurvedic herb, which is included in Vanshveda and contributes to make the solution an effective remedy for healing all aliments related to digestion and contributes to develop longevity that leads to overall health. Essentially, Triphala forms a polyherbal solution that act as a natural detoxification agent in order to get rid of any pollutants from the body and rejuvenates the digestive system.

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