Medicine is an old Indian system of medicine which utilizes the important power of herbs to help cure diseases in a natural and healthy manner. Ayurveda believes in balancing the body doshas, specifically: Vada, Pitta, Kapha for a healthful and immune system.

Brahmi implies which gives supreme knowledge and is the ayurvedic herb which promotes a healthy brain. Memory is as precious as Gold! The better the mental clarity and concentration, the better is that our productivity.

Brahmi comes from the film, used since hundreds of years for its cognitive and wellness benefits. Brahmi is a curative herb commonly employed as a memory enhancer, ginseng along with also a health tonic.

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According to Dr. Akhilesh Sharma, Ayurvedic Expert, Brahmi is great for enhancing your brain works and strengthens your memory. It enhances the 3 aspects of memory including long term memory, short term memory as well as the retaining capacity.

  • Brahmi has a heating property that keep the mind calm and free from stress. Additionally, it promotes sound sleep. Drink a small amount of Brahmi leaves immediately, grind it into a paste with a couple of ground almonds, sugar candy and milk.
  • Drink this wellness beverage to tone the liver and also to eliminate all sorts of worms at the bowels. It’s useful for nerve weakness and mind improvement.
  • Brahmi paste, when applied on a kid’s navel, cures dysentery.
  • Brahmi paste or juice of the leaves is useful in elephantiasis, rheumatic swelling, boils and contusion.
  • Mix several tsps brahmi leaves the juice with cow’s milk and utilize it to treat skin diseases and impure blood in kids, fever and stomach issues in adults.
  • Brahmi coupled with garlic in equivalent amounts, plus 1 tsp of cow milk that was hot and &frac12, tsp of ghee, this mixture taken twice each day for a few month is known to be an efficient remedy for acne.

    Brahmi paste heated on a pan, heated to a bit higher temperature and implemented over kid’s chests may relieves chronic cough and asthma. In case of fever because of Vata and Kapha imbalance, Brahmi is heated together with onion, tied in a pocket and is applied warm on the breast. Brahmi powder and capsules from Aurospirul are based on organic Brahmi leaves.

    Brahmi has higher health advantages if utilized in form. We may also utilize Brahmi powder to create a paste to the above remedies recipes.

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