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Power of Ayurvedic Medicine to cure Infertility

As the famous saying goes “Health is Wealth” relevance of this can be best understood today, when even the smallest imbalance in the body can create magnanimous losses both to our personal and financial health.  A person is called healthy only when the complete health of the body is in balance, and if that is maintained then its glow radiates all across the body. By terms like balance of body, health and fitness one shouldn’t narrow down the definition a state where there is mere absence of dysfunctionalities rather it is expression of growth that thrives especially on organic elements rather than inorganic supplements.

Fortunately, we live in a country, India, which is home to one of the most classical manifestation of medicine and health that literally means knowledge of life -“Ayurveda”. Essentially, India has a rich heritage of originating the study and immense application of Ayurveda for its medicinal properties, boosting herbal and organic healing that was derived by the Hindu culture of harmonizing the mind and soul. One can attain complete wellness with help of yoga and application of Ayurveda products regularly. By the virtue of Ayurvedic medicines and herbs person can not only maintain good health but also recover from any disease.

Let’s take can example of infertility that may be caused of low sperm count or may be because of the inferior quality of the semen leading to several major problems in sexual life of a couple along with a threat of never to have a child can also be cured and successfully treated by Ayurvedic medicine.

We live in fast paced world where personal life is often crushed and squeezed together in abundant activities. This frenetic chase to advance in career, hectic routine and irregular food habits have raised several lifestyle problems amongst these one of the major problem is that Infertility amongst the partners. Time has evolved and now landscape of root cause of infertility or childlessness is getting clearer. In earlier time, only females were considered as infertile, today many couples are honestly and sincerely opening the real reasons of childlessness.

Infertility in males is increasing especially if they reach a certain age, starting from the age of 35 years as it is considered that males tends to lose libido and is inclined in the direction of sterility. This problem can be in any of the partners that may be detrimental for the intimacy and create stress in relationship. Reproducing into young ones is cherished and prized in any relationship, it is an asset in the marriage. Not like any other assets that depreciates, in the case of offspring it single most precious asset whose value multiples with time. No analysis or business jargon of investment vs benefit analysis can justify or even capture the real value they bring in the family.

Transformation from co-habitation as two human beings staying under the same roof into actual meaningful married couple only happens when couple decides to leap into reproducing and increasing their family. However, recent research by health magazine has shown that couples are experiencing certain complications in getting pregnancy, irrespective of the fact that they are actively trying for the pregnancy. Deep diving into the statistics, there is only about a quarter percent chance a female can have the possibility to conceive every month. With the advent of technology and its penetration more couples are expressing about their wrestle with infertility.

In fact, they are inclined towards more proactive approach such that when they reproduce it should be a healthy pregnancy. Nevertheless, we can’t shy from the fact is the couple is trying for quite long without any results stimulates a lot of trauma and depression. These days with proliferation of many different kinds of fertility treatments that uses various chemicals can damage more than help in attaining healthy pregnancy. For instance, with inorganic fertility supplements it is observed that couples have twins or triplets or babies are being born prematurely or babies being born with genetic defects.

It strikes out one couple in every eight couples and about one in every four cases is because of fertility issues in the male partner particularly. Treating infertility is not always remediable, it can be enhanced with wholesome diet, healthy supplements and various other robust strategies. One of the growing issues that we need consciously acknowledge is Infertility that is a global concern now and approach to cure it or eradicate should be through Ayurvedic medicines.


Although there are a lot chemicals that are sold in the market that claim to heal the male infertility. Largely these chemical compounds are steroids that might cause several side effects. Therefore, the most superior way to heal infertility is to take assistance from Ayurveda. It is indeed, one of the most effective and extremely powerful way to cure this infertility in either of partners – male or female is by Ayurveda. Charka Samhita one of the part of Ayurveda is dedicated to enhance the quality sperms and number of sperms in every millimeter. As you must be aware Semen is a white or sometimes grey. One of the essential and most important since they contains spermatozoa into the female reproductive tract. Semen is the carrier of sperms which is required for fertilizing the females and is required for reproduction.

Ayurvedic Medicine to Improve Sperm Count and Mobility

Ayurvedic Medicine to Improve Sperm Count and Mobility

As per the WHO, a healthy sperm count was defined when the concentration of sperms is more than 20 million per ml. Also, ejection of semen needs to be around 2ml. If studied under the microscope, if male’s semen is normal then the sperm count in ejaculate needs to be at least 40 million in which 75% of sperms needs to be alive.

Also, by adding zinc in your diet plan would also help you to increase the sperm counts by a larger fraction.

In this fact paced world where we deal with huge variations of stress and reduced level of exercise has resulted into various lifestyle problems. Now, problem with fertility and reproduction has become extremely common amongst people. One of prominent reasons due to which such problem may occur is irregular food habits, excessive stress and exertion at work. This problem is called as oligospermia and fortunately could be treated by Ayurveda and is called as Shukrana Alpata sperm count and quality of semen. Specifically, one of the essential part of Ayurveda is its approach to oligospermia and powerful ways to resolve abnormalities in the semen or diagnosing the areas of blockage in the channels that carrying semen.

Therefore, one of the cardinal ways to enhance the fertility in males involves a good healthy diet schedule and good workout regime. Fertility attributes to one’s capability to breed and reproduce through natural means. Specifically, infertility in males refer to a man who has weak chance to get his female counterpart pregnant. This is because of characteristics and constitution of sperms in the semen.

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Applying Ayurveda to Enhance Sexual Performance and Improve Sperm Quality

Drive to have sex is called as Libido that urges the desire to indulge in sexual activity. There are many external supplements and food products that may strengthen libido and these are known as aphrodisiacs

  • Dysfunctionalities in erection which is also called impotence. This is an inability in man to sustain or even establish an erection
  • Concentration of sperms per millimeter is called sperm count which is extremely critical tp determine the quality of sperm. Moreover, just number of sperms losses it potency if the sperms aren’t mobile. Specifically, it’s the capability to swim in semen is known as motility of sperm
  • Testosterone also known as male sex hormones, and its levels in males also plays an important role deciding whether men is fertile or not.

This infertility in males or females may be created due to genetics, lifestyle, diets and diseases that are routine affair. Essentially, in this 21st century there is emergence of a lot of stress related to work, career or business that has resulted into various lifestyle diseases put of which infertility is one of the major consequence. Moreover, there are a lot of components that needs to be taken in consideration for creating a healthy child. Written in Ayurveda, genesis for a healthy baby is a wholesome sperm and a robust ovum.

For both the partners male or female health largely relies on the wellbeing of Shukra Dhatu which is essentially the tissue of procreation and breeding. In females, tissue of Shukra makes the egg and helps women to ovulate every month, similarly in males, the generation of semen is formed due to the arousal of sexual feelings. This tissue is formed as a product of a very lengthy chain of metabolic transfiguration, beginning with the assimilation of food and also further involves mineralization into nutrients, blood cells, fats, bone, none marrow and finally to Shukra tissues. Therefore, healthy tissues especially the one which are sexual in nature depends on the well-being and fitness of rest of the tissues in the human body.

Ayurvedic Herbs to Accelerate Sperm Count and Boost the Sperm Motility

Ayurvedic Herbs to Accelerate Sperm Count and Boost the Sperm Motility

Below are the finest herbs that can promote ones desire for intimacy and assist in especially enhancing male reproductive organs and overall health of the body

Ashwagandha – It is one of the most powerful herb that is utilized in several Ayurveda medication as it has tremendous therapeutic and pharmaceutical value. Ashwagandha ensures cure for all types and nature of infertility. It is not only beneficial to control the stress levels of person, enhances nervous and immune system and also keep intact the entire functioning such that it can promote happy hormones in the body. Most certainly, it is an aphrodisiac and essentially integrated for curing for physical weakness and fatigues. It generates nitric oxide in men which further dilate the blood vessels and promotes passion for intimacy thereby fueling the reproductive systems.

We have also learnt by some research that Tulsi is also good for boosting sperm counts

Shatavari – Again, very important herb for curing infertility especially in men. Essentially, it increases the sperm mobility thereby enhancing the quality of sperms but also count per millimeter. In fact there are more gain and advantage of using this Ayurvedic herb, it has very strong feature of calming the nervous system and accelerating the levels of energy. This herb can be used by both males and females to heal infertility through organic and natural process. With regular usage of Shatavari, problems like impotency can be fully healed along with improving the levels of testosterone, male sexual hormones

Kaunch – Next in the list is another beneficial herb, Kaunch that has numerous properties that can cure male infertility. Specifically, it is used for targeting the ejaculation that happens prematurely. Regular usage of Kaunch would immensely benefit to enhance the quantity of sperms. Not only this, it induces the release of testosterone that is required for libido. It assist abnormalities in erections and gives abundance energy to the reproductive organ. It defiantly enhances the sperm generation and quality of sperms produced along with improving the health. Another well-known Ayurvedic herb that cures several issues in the quality of semen and quantity of sperms in semen is Talmakhana. This Ayurvedic powerful herb can be acquired naturally and is like savior for those who witness the deterioration in the quality of semen. Not only has this it treated the problem of untimely ejaculation. Talmakhana boots the circulation of blood in the body and enhance intercourse. Primarily it advances the generation of sperm thereby increasing the quantity per milliliter.

Shilajit – Another Ayurvedic herb that can conquer male infertility and abnormalities in erection is Shilajit. This herb enables men to prolong their duration in the intercourse without any ejaculation, hence treating every types of issues that are experienced while erection. This herb can be naturally found in the regions of Himalayan and medicines of Shilajit is extremely exorbitant in the marketplace. Essentially, this herb is naturally blended with several other medicinal properties also called as Fulvic acid. Nevertheless, it boosts up the levels of sexual hormones like testosterone, mobility of sperm, generation of sperms and sperm counts in men. Moreover, it relaxes the mind and release the anxiety making it a brilliant aphrodisiac. If any of the partner male or female witness any issues with infertility one should always use Ayurveda and make the best utilization of the herbs that can heal the condition of infertility.

Challenges with Ayurvedic Herbs

Primary challenge with completely relying on these Ayurvedic herbs like Talmakhana, Shatavari, Kaunch, Shilajit and Ashwagandha are that they are difficult to find especially in Tier one cities.  These herbs are a rare element and authentic ones can only be found in mountain regions of Himalayas. Moreover, there is struggle to find the original herbs and then provide to people. Secondly, Ayurvedic herbs can’t just be gulped at ones to heal the issues of low sperm count, low sperm motility and infertility. Like every other well planned solution, consumption of these Ayurvedic herbs needs to be in advised quantity and consumed daily for the best results.

However, irregular consumption of them may raise different health issues that might be serious since anything in excess is bad. In order to solve these challenges and provide remedy to not just the problem of infertility but also to make the process of consumption of these Ayurvedic herbs standard all across for consistent results. After years of research and scientific due diligence Vanshveda is designed, created from the Ayurvedic herbs blended together in precise quantity to produce optimum results.

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Vanshveda – Complete Solution to Heal Infertility

A complete one stop remedy to all the problems like low sperm count, low sperm motility and even infertility can be naturally treated by Vanshveda. Moreover, it also arrest the problem of unavailability of all these herbs rather packages together best of all the herbs in a way that can be more organized and specialized to treat issues of premature ejaculation, low density of semen and physical weakness. Vanshveda constitute of medicinal adaptogenic like blending together Ayurvedic herbs like Shatavari, Kaunch, Talmakhana, Shilajit and Ashwagandha but in right amount that has constructive effects on the body especially advantageous for the endocrine gland since it stimulated the generation of essential hormones to boost the body health along with some pragmatic benefits on cardiopulmonary and nervous system.


Furthermore, on consistent application of Vanshveda there will be exponential improvement in the health of the body since there are effective anti-inflammatory, stress releasers and antioxidants that strengthens the body from within. Scientifically, fertility in any male can be comprehended and accurately evaluated by the analysis of their semen. Through analysis, one can not only determine the quality of sperm but also quantity of sperms in the Semen. Generally, sperm count in a healthy male semen ranges from 20 to 150 mspm (million sperm per millimeter).

Among these approximately 60% of sperms ideally needs to have morphology that is normal such that they are able to penetrate female body and remain for a long time to attain fertilization that is successful. Deep diving into present landscape of fast paced world were men can face many different types of infertility. For instance, Azoospermia is the absolute lack to sperm motility and Oligospermia is condition were the sperm count is lower than 10 million sperm per millimeter.

Benefits of Vanshveda

  1. Vanshveda, is an exemplary remedy to treat Infertility especially in males in the most herbal way possible. It is an absolutely package of three essential element that target not just internally in the body but also externally such that effective results can be observed thereby boosting low sperm count, eradicate pre-mature ejaculation and increase the level of Testosterone in the body in most herbal way possible. On regular use of the Vanshveda even quality of sperms in terms of sperm mobility and motility also gets better.
  2. It is made from all the natural herbs that are sourced from different parts of country and even world because Vanshveda doesn’t compromise in quality. Herbs like Ashwagandha, Musli, Kaunch, Akarkara, Laung, Javitri, Amla, Shatavari and Shilajit.
  3. Constitutes herbal and powerful stress releasers, anti-inflammatory and antioxidants
  4. Strengthen immunity of the body by amplifying the quality and quantity of White Blood Cells(WBC) who are the natural soldiers of the body
  5. Amplifies calmness and tranquility in the body that helps in minimizing the stress, anxiety and even sleeplessness in the body. It stimulates essential brain functions that improves memory and can also reduce the sugar level in the body.

Package of Vanshveda constitutes of three products that can not only enhance the sexual desire but also boost the stamina and successfully treat Azoospermia and Oligospermia. Vanshveda brings to you, assorted solution under one roof that targets specialized parts of body and brain. Essentially, Vanshveda which contains an Herbal oil, Active capsules (pack of 60) and exquisite powder. This is a powerful combination organized in a way to provide you best results in most agile manner.

Since Vanshveda is composed of natural herbs, significant elements is Ginseng which also makes it a natural and a powerful aphrodisiac that intensify the sexual drive, vitality, minimizes fatigue and also refreshes the blood and amplify the vigor.

Essentially, it is a success formula for anti-stress and for balancing production of different hormones in the body. Vanshveda powder forms a health tonic that act as an aphrodisiac for not just males but also for females as well. This powder when mixed with milk becomes a natural analeptic that if is consumed twice a day strengthens the generation of essential hormones thereby vitalizing the sexual energy and acting as strong support for the reproductive organs.

Core part of this tonic made from Vanshveda powder is that it takes essential part from herb Extract of Bala, Musli, Kaunch, Amla, Shilajit and Javitri that on regular consumption helps the body for producing necessary hormones in abundance which as a results in increasing the quantity of sperm produced.  Not only this, Vanshveda’s powder mixed with milk has many anti-aging properties that can arrest many cosmetic problems of wrinkles, dullness in skin and premature aging. A small teaspoon of Vanshveda powder can provoke sexual drives, heightened the urge and arrest any ejaculations that happens prematurely.

Herbal oil in Vanshveda package contains therapeutic properties that can enhance the stamina and even the performance during foreplay and actual sexual intercourse. On regular application (massaging) of this oil on the male reproductive organ, provides strengths to stay hard and long and prevents any premature ejaculation.

Essentially, massaging the oil amplifies the libido, advances the blood flow and enhances the sperm count. Third and the most important component of this entire package is Vanshveda capsule that is required to be consumed twice a day, once after breakfast and the other before bedtime.

These capsules are completely made from herbal elements like Ashwagandha, Shatavari Talmakhana and Kaunch blended in such a way that it act as a natural reinforce to boost the sperm count in males. Essentially, these capsules act as natural supplements to the body that stimulate essential sexual hormones like Testosterone in the body of males. Perhaps, amplifying the sperm count and also on consistent consumption quality of sperm gets better.

Moreover, these capsules have many other medicinal values that it offers like helps to reduce stress in males, assist in minimizing the blood pressure and also keep in check the sugar levels.

Through extensive research and analysis on the research that is based on the feedback from the people who consume Vanshveda capsule has majorly highlighted that men feel fresh, relaxed and active after regular consumption of capsule in the routines. In fact, this capsule is consumed not just to treat the problem of low sperm count or low sperm motility but also for better physical fitness and active performance in daily life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

  1. What is the herbal medicine for increasing sperm count?

Ans. One of the most holistic way to advance your sperm count is to regularly use Vanshveda medicines. It is a complete package that not only enhance the quantity of the sperms but also the quality of sperms. Key ingredients of Van are the essential and vital Ayurvedic herbs packaged together for agile and impactful results. Moreover, this package assist you to mediate the stress, control the pressure or strains in the health that it stimulates important hormones to relax and put your body at ease. If one wants a natural and healthy way to increase the sperm count or to heal infertility Vanshveda is the answer for the most effective solution.

  1. How can I increase my sperm count quickly

Ans. One of the most agile and prompt way to accelerate the process of sperm is to regularly use the Vanshveda. It is one the rare products that contains essential herbs like Ashwagandha, Shatavari and Kaunch blended together to boost the quantity of sperm and even to heal infertility. Essentially, Vanshveda when used by males, invigorates the generation on nitric oxide that in turn results in required expansion of the blood vessels which improves the sperm quality and also sexual performance enhancing the intimacy. Vanshveda is an absolute one-stop solution that contain capsule, protein oil and powder that systematically support the production of sperm within and reinforce a strong stamina.

  1. Does Ashwagandha increases sperm count?

Ans. Herb Ashwagandha is one of most significant ingredient in numerous Ayurvedic remedy like Vanshveda since it has abundance of therapeutic value. Yes, indeed Ashwagandha is an herb that boosts sperm counts and also act as an aphrodisiac that enhances physical strength. In fact, with consistent use of Ashwagandha quality of sperm like sperm mobility also enhances. It provides bundle of benefits like minimizing the stress, relaxing the brain and regulating the nervous systems.

  1. Can Ashwagandha make you again weight?

Ans. Ashwagandha is a well-known herb that heal not just infertility but also there are multiple medicinal properties that can help in relaxing the mind from stress and anxiety. However, if Ashwagandha is consumed directly with no comprehension of the nature of the body especially in moderate to high dosage there might be a chance that person might feel nausea, drowsy and ingestion. Moreover, since Ashwagandha also enhances the composition of body that might results in gaining the muscle mass. This may be considered as weight gain however, it reduces fat in the body. Therefore, correct usage of Ashwagandha will to contribute to obesity.

Essentially, for ensuring that everyone who intends to consume Ashwagandha herb for boosting up their sexual performance, or healing the infertility it is highly recommended to use the products of Vanshveda. It is one of its kind, a product thoroughly made from herbs blended in right quantity to produce consistent results irrespective whoever consumes it ensuring no un-usual weight gain, feeling of nausea or indigestion. Furthermore, Vanshveda can even treat the issues of insomniac and advance the quality sleep.

  1. How can I boost my testosterone fast?

Ans. If one wants to enhance their sexual performance or improve their sperm count is essential that there is enough production, consumption and easy re-generation of male hormone called Testosterone. Vanshveda products are effective and constructive to strengthen the levels of Testosterone. In fact on regular use of Vanshveda products it displayed massive increase in sperm count and also the quality of semen improved tremendously.

Therefore, in order to augment and boost the Testosterone one should opt for regular application of Vanshveda at least for four weeks to notice remarkable results especially in amplifying the levels of Testosterone.

  1. Can I take Ashwagandha before bed?

Ans. Yes one can have Ashwagandha daily before one goes to sleep. In fact for best results it is ideal that Ashwagandha is consumed before bedtime since this herb constitute of adaptogens and elements that assist in relaxing the mind and induce a calm sleep in the body. Since, medicinal properties of Ashwagandha herb helps in releasing the pressure in the body with mental and physical stressors it is accurate to consume Ashwagandha before going to sleep. Consuming Ashwagandha before going to bed is actually the perfect time for the receiving the intended account.


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