Oligospermia, a common cause of infertility in men is the state of low or reduced concentration of sperm in the semen.  Commonly, it is also referred as oligozoospermia or low sperm count.   Technically,  If  the density of  man’s  sperm  in 1ml  of ejaculate contains less  than 20 million spermatozoa, the man is said to be  affected with the disorder of  Oligospermia.   As per the statistics, nearly 40 % of infertility   is caused due to Oligospemia resulting in incapability on the part of a man to pregnant women. The intensity of Oligospermia depends upon the health of an individual, therefore it can be permanent as well as temporary.  Patient with Temporary oligospermia needs to undergo treatment to get rid of it. However folks with permanent Oligospermia too shouldn’t give up and seek harmless treatment as thereauptic science too hasn’t given up.

It is said to be one of the most prevalent reason of male sub-infertility or infertility.  The male affected with aforesaid dysfunction usually leads normal life without any symptoms of the suffering until he is found incapable of impregnating   women after 1 year or more of unprotected sex. Its causes can  be many like vasectomy,  urine infection,  affected by sexually transmitted disease,   hormonal  imbalance,  some kind of  testicle illness, obesity etc.  These are not just all, males having excessive inclination towards alcohol, smoking, drugs or having the tendency of intake of toxins may get affected with Oligospermia.  Unhealthy lifestyle and depression is commonly prevalent causes of oligospermia in present age.

One can confirm oligospermia only after conducting semen analysis as lower concentration of sperm in semen of an individual does not cause any hindrance in leading a normal life.  The doctor may conduct physical examination of testicles and penis along with scrutinizing the sexual history of an individual to be in a condition to prescribe best treatment for it.  The course of treatment is decided on understanding the severity of the problem.

Is there any treatment for oligospermia?  Almost every system of medicine promises to offer treatment for Oligospermia, However patient must opt for the safest and most effective treatment.   Treatment should assure harmlessness and works on eradicating the root cause of the illness.  If you are looking for the best and risk-free treatment for low sperm count, go for Ayurveda  of medicines.    Gone is the days when viands and Maharishis used to practise the nature based treatment. Vanshveda, is the leading and promising Ayurveda venture   putting into practice the teachings of Ayurveda as a remedial treatment.   Along with providing treatment for Oligospermia, we provide medicine for the treatment of almost all mental, physical and sexual health issues.    To know more about Oligospermia treatment offered by us, go through underneath content.

 Ayurvedic Oligospermia treatment in  Vanshveda

Ayurveda, is the primeval science of medicines based on the medicinal traits of nature. It is a holistic system of medicine assuring 100% harmlessness and cure along with proffering means to maintain physical, emotional and mental harmony.  Ayurveda maintains that Oligospermia   infertility issues are the result of “Shukra Dhatu” in the body.

  As per Ayurveda, Shukra dhatu is the 7th tissue or dhatu. It assists fertility and sexual vigour in the male.  As explained in Ayurveda, Oligospermia is the cause of misbalance in the Shukra Dhatu of male. The element of Dhatu in the body has to be nourished well with well balanced diet to treat Oligospermia along with the treatment. 

The state of shukra dhatu in the semen of an individual can be easily examined without any laboratory investigation.  Colour and motility of sperm can be easily depicted through naked eyes as   accordance to Ayurveda, yellow and pale white colour of semen implies presence of pitta and kapha respectively which are an indication of poor quality of semen. Unlike other kinds of medicines, Ayurveda does not lay any information about sperm count in the semen.  As per science of herbs, white, sticky, thick, sweet in taste semen discharged in good quantity is good quality semen with rich in sperm. Ayurvedic treatment usually comprises of   Vajikarya dravya, rasayanas, vajikara and panchkarma therapies which are highly effective in enriching the quality of semen, concentration and motility of sperms.

 Ayurveda experts at Vanshveda, have fabricated oligospemia kit comprising of oil, powder and capsules for the treatment.  Depending upon the state of Oligospermia suffering of patient, our expert prescribes the treatment to the patients after comprehensive conduction of study of patients. We assure 100% harmless and side effect treatment as our medicines are   utterly based on herbs without any harmful chemicals.   Medicines need to be strictly taken as per prescription and for recommended duration.

Vanshveda do not believe in giving overnight results by suppressing the causes. We emphasize in resolving the issues from roots and core for eradication of the cause once for all.  Our treatment aims at complete rejuvenation of the patient along with providing cure for Oligospermia. We extend doesn’t just treatment, instead offers guidelines to healthy diet and lifestyle to complete restore of health of patients.

Our customised treatment kit  involves;-

Despite of  Oligospermia being a common issue , there are  lots of unanswered questions that  have induced fear and anxiety  amongst male  regarding  the disease  and is directly correlated  with impotency  in men.  We bring you precise and true answers of those questions to facilitate you to take right decision at right time, if you or your known is combating with Oligospermia.

An insight into various aspects of Oligospermia

 Can Oligospermia be severe?  

There is lot of ambiguity about the severity of the issue. Few believes that it gets okay with time  and one  should not give much attention to the issue as  in country like India people still feels that kids are gifts of god and  nothing is in  the hands of couple  from the phase of conception to the birth.  Oligospermia   causes hindrance in conception as it affects quality as well as counts of sperms. Oligospermia may be segregated into three stages.

  • Mild Oligospermia –
  • Moderate oligospermia
  • Severe oligospermia

Sperm count of a healthy male falls in the range of 150-220 million per ml of semen.  Patient is said to be suffering from Mild Oligospermia if his sperm count ranges between 14 to 5 million per 1 ml of semen.   Whereas in moderate Oligospermia the sperm count falls between 5 and 1 million per ml. I am sure that by now  you must be looking for answer of this question: What is the meaning of Severe oligospermia ?   Having less than 1 million spermatozoa per ml are called severe oligospermia.  This stage is directly called as male infertility. The possibility of fathering a baby is almost nil in the case of severe oligospermia.   This low number of sperms in semen is hindrance in fertility though one sperm eventually gets to fertilizes.   As far as treatment of severe oligospermia is concerned, its cure is uncertain and doctors do not give surety of getting the sperm count in normal range of spermatozoa.

Is pregnancy possible with Oligospermia

 We all know by now that sperm count less than 20 million is known as oligospermia. Can you get pregnant with Oligospermia? The possibility of pregnancy continues to the range of severe Oligospermia as all that is required is just a sperm for pregnancy but is almost negligible. As per research higher would be the probability of pregnancy with healthy and good sperm count. The chances of pregnancy in severe oligospermia gets rare however not zero. Man with mild oligospermia is likely to cause pregnancy more than those with moderate oligospermia but overall man with oligospermia is likely to face the issue of infertility.  It is curable, whereas duration of the treatment depends upon the stage of oligospermia.  Many inventions have been done in medical science giving treatment for the low sperm count disorder, but oligospermia natural treatment is best and most effective of all as nature based science, Ayurveda offers side effect free treatment comprising of sheer nature based medicines.

   Is Oiligospermia a genetic or non genetic disease?

A genetic disease is an irregularity in the genetic makeup of an individual or in other words a genetic disease is the result of genetic mutation.  Genetic disorders can be and cannot be inherited.  The heredity genetic diseases run from parents to kids.  Is oligospermia genetic?  The answer to the question is yes.  It can be genetic as well as non genetic depending upon the case.  For confirmation of the type of oligospermia, a comprehensive lab testing is required.

 Sperm disorders  – its types

Azoospermia is also a type of male infertility that completely rules out the chances of   pregnancy as the sperm count gets zero in the male affected with it.  Oligospermia and Azzospermia, Often the two terms are used interchangeably, but they are different stages of abnormality of sperm count.  What is the difference between Azoospermia and oligospermia then? The two should not be used inter changeably as both are dissimilar.

Azoospermia is the absolute dearth or absence of sperm in semen of a male, because of failure in sperm fabrication or a physical obstruction. Remember, if sperm problem is caused due to obstruction, then it can be treated with surgical procedures.  This type of Azoospermia is called obstructive azoospermia.

It can be caused due to genetic reasons, illness, medication, lifestyle etc. The possibilities of fathering a baby are extremely nil, but with a treatment bit of possibilities can be developed.  It cannot be treated at all by scheduling the intercourse   or via home remedies.  It can be termed as permanent male infertility and chances of pregnancy are zero.

Oligospermia is state of low sperm count. It is a stage that involves sperm count lesser than a healthy individual. Few sperm are present in a sample. The figures symbolizing normal count are 20 millions sperm/ml whilst figures lesser than   these implies the condition called oligospermia.   Unlike Azoospermia, the possibility of pregnancy are fewer not completely zero.  Oligospermia can be treated depending upon the sperm counts of an individual through Unani Medicine of Oligospermia.  One may conceive without any treatment too by scheduling intercourse during fertility period of women’s cycle.   Change in lifestyle and dietary habits can aid in minimizing the impact of oligospermia and may result in increase in sperm count.


Oligoasthenoteratospermia (OAT)  

OAT is the kind of sperm disorder that affects sperm motility, sperm morphology and sperm count altogether. It is also termed as oligoasthenoteratozoospermia. The causes of OAT are diverse but they are correlated to imperfections in sperm production and disorders in male reproduction like few infections or varicocele. This causes hindrance in attaining the natural pregnancy by the man affected with it.  OAT treatment depends utterly on its causes; it can be treated with Ayurvedic treatment depending upon its intensity.

Valuing the significance of healthy and organic life Vanshveda is the leading ayurveda driven company engaged in manufacturing of   herbs based treatment.  Nature is the resource of cure and we with our Ayurveda experts manufacture ayurvedic medicine for oligospermia . With the assurance of quality, harmlessness and cure, Vanshveda devotes itself to your comprehensive wellness.

Vanshveda with an expertise in Ayurveda and Unani medicine for Oligospermia extends its nature based ayurvedic treatment for undisruptive cure of Oligospermia. With a mission of overall wellness of patients, we emphasize on prescribing best Oligospermia treatment in Ayurveda in Hindi offering numerous benefits from testing, consultancy and proffering ayuvedic medicine to the patients. With professional and experienced team of doctors (Ayurveda experts), we ensure best antidotes utterly based on Ayurveda. Along with providing best treatment, we also work for the esteem and confidence of men by promising complete confidentiality to each and every patient.

We invite you to Vanshveda to discover and practice for yourself, the deep core healing and spiritual allure of our treatments that unknot the furtive of the most sacred, eternal healing tradition known to man.

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