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Bark of Vijaysar

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  • Controls blood sugar level – Bark of Vijaysar is magic potion for the treatment of both type of Diabetes i.e. Diabetes 1 and It is widely acknowledged remedy for diabetes and is extremely useful in reduction of symptoms like frequent urination, regular thirst, abnormal eating and burning sensation in toes.
  • Blood purifying agent- It is loaded with the blood purifying feature and aids in flushing off the impurities therein.
  • Regulates excessive thirst – For those troubled with excessive thirst, it regulates excessive thirst and brings it in the territory of normalcy.
  • For diarrhea– the bark with resin are quite handy in curing diarrhea, IBS with diarrhea and ulceratie colitis.
  • Harmonizes the Pitta dosha –   the dosha of pitta is quite common these days, Vijaysar with its astringent properties strike the balance in the body along with being permitting quick healing in the case of bleeding issues and gouts.
  • Kills the Parasites in intestine – It is useful in expelling intestinal parasite which facilitates proper absorption therein.
  • Skin issues- it is also widely used in the cure of chronic skin problems like eczema, psoriasis etc.
  • Helpful in fixing dental issues- Due to anti inflammatory and antimicrobial trait of vijaysar, it is used to make herbal powder for tooth.
  • Trims down excess fat- it offer great assistance in reducing the oodles of extra fat stored in the body.
  • Lowers Total Cholesterol- the bark of Vijaysar offered by Vanshveda depicts antihyperlipdemic properties, thereby offers great assistance in declining the serum triglyceride, VLDL, LDL and total cholesterol from body contributing to the health of heart.
  • Reduces Joints and lymph Pain- it is highly effective in management of fractures, bruises and joints pains.
  • Prompt and timely delivery all over the nation.
  • Side effect free and 100 %  pure


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Vijaysar, an ordinary looking bark also known as Indian Kino & Malabar Kino promises multiple health benefits.   As per Ayurveda ,  Pterocarpus Marsupium  has proved its metal worldwide  by being miraculously effective  for medicinal purpose. Found in the abundance  in the forests of Karela and Karnataka, Vanshveda brings you purest form of Vijaysar bark apt for the usage of folks. We bring you cleaned and purified wooden bark to avoid probable hazards from being exposed to dust, germs, birds waste etc while being on the tree.

A 100% Original Vijaysar Tree Product is considered a marvel for curing diabetes. It is also immensely supportive in decreasing Cholesterol, Arthritis & excessive weight. In addition to it,  Vijaysar acts as a blood purifier and controls pain in limbs and is meant for both the genders.

  • Take a piece of bark of Vijaysar and dip it overnight or for more span in the in a non metallic glass.
  • The color of water turns reddish brown gradually and  is an indication of discharge of nutrients and  other components of Vijaysar bark.  It develops neutral taste ( neither sweet nor salty) which can be easily be sipped after removing the bark.
  • Dip the bark again for next day nip or you may also keep it dipped in water always as it doesn’t lay any harm on consumption rather it releases more of its nutrients in water.
  • The more you soak  stick in water, the more benefits you would derive

  • For best result, drink it early in the morning with empty stomach.
  • You may drink a glass or two in day time too but remember do not replace it with your normal water intake for your quench.
  • Consult an ayurvedic expert for its intake as your state of health determines its quantum of intake.
Product Information
Quantity    50g
Vegetarian/ Non-Vegetarian Vegetarian ( herbs based)
Form Wood bark
Packaging Paper box
Manufactured in India
Brand Origin Indian
Special Traits Family Nutrition
Concern Diabetes/ high cholesterol/ lymph pain
Gender Men & Women
Life stage Adult
  • Keep it out of the reach of children.
  • Drink the water only twice or thrice a day maximum; do not substitute it with your normal water which is extremely vital.

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  1. Sheetal Gupta

    Been using this product for last 2 weeks. It has helped my father to control his sugar levels.

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