Brain Streak – Capsules


  • It allows you to use your brain as much as possible and you will not be drained out even after 8 hours of work
  • After few days of usage you will be able to make new connections and your problem solving techniques will improve along with proper memory functions
  • This capsule helps your memory to respond faster and it is also works as a brain tonic to improve memory development.
  • This capsules works so efficiently that it allows the blood in your brain cell to flow properly in neuro and cerebral protective effects
  • Vanshveda’s break streak capsule is an anti oxidant activity that gives full support to healthy immune system as well
  • These capsules also put off cerebral oxidative damage through anti oxidant products.
  • This brain streak capsule nourishes your brain with good blood flow to function properly
  • Kids will be able to focus on their studies and adult will remember every minute detail about their work and daily chores
  • Apart from all this who have anxiety and over thinking problem, this capsules calm down your brain and makes you feel relax and fresh
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Brain streak capsules by Vanshveda for excellent functioning of brain

Vanshveda’s brain streak capsule is a composition popularly known to boost the certain chemicals of brain which are involved in learning, thinking and memorizing. This particular product delivers higher nutritional support to brain for functioning.  Vanshveda’s brain streak capsule is a 100% natural capsules and has been verified and tested by research team.  The product is an amalgamation of different herbs which basically helps the brain in learning, memory development and concentrating in work. It is brain capsules that will make you remember all minute details about everything that you do or perform.

If you are search of natural and best memory enhancing product for your kids or for elder people then this product is the best choice without any side effects.  It has special natural ingredients that will increase your brain power naturally without any adverse effects.  It is definitely the excellent solution to improve the functioning of brain.  It plays a major role in activating your brain cells for further functioning.   It also reduces the chances of memory loss, less concentration amongst kids or in elder people.

Vanshveda’s brain streak capsules definitely helps in mental wellness. Its ingredients are so natural that helps the brain to focus, clarity, memory and alertness. It also benefits the nervous system to have proper control over nerve disorders.

Usually all ayurvedic medicines available in the market are not good in taste. But Vanshveda’s brain streak capsules are good in taste as compared to other herbal capsules available in the market. The herbal ingredients used in this product makes it tasty and can be consumed by any age group especially kids. Your kid will love to take it everyday as it tastes superb and gives long lasting and efficient results in rebuilding brain cells.

It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it helps your brain and body to work efficiently for rest of the day. Same way Vanshveda’s Brain streak capsule is a natural capsule that you can take with milk or luke warm water. After few days you will see the results and change in yourself as you will be able to remember ever minute detail about your lifestyle.

1 capsule before breakfast with milk or luke warm water.

Product Information
Quantity 60 capsules
Vegetarian/ Non-Vegetarian Vegetarian
Form Capsules
Packaging Capsule Bottle
Manufactured in India
Brand Origin Indian
Special Traits Family Nutrition
Concern Memory boost
Gender Men & Women and kids
Life stage Adult and kids
Serving Per Pack 60 capsules
Serving Size 1 capsule

  • Bacopa monnieri- it boost the brain to function effectively
  • Centella Asiatic- it improves your brain health to respond properly
  • Withania somnifera- it helps the blood to flow each and every part of the brain
  • Clitoria ternatea- it acts like an anti depression and anti-pyretic substance in your brain
  • Glycyrrhiza glabra- mulethee- this particular ingredient is very helpful in giving all the nutritive value that a brain needs
  • Nardostachys jatamasi- it manages anxiety as well as insomnia
  • Tinospora cordifolia- Guduchi- helps you fight with sleep deprivation
  • Celastrus paniculatus- jyotishmati- protects brain from oxidative damage and neurotoxicity
  • Ferula moschata- muskroot- it helps the brain nervous system to work faster

For long lasting and good results take course of minimum 3 months. You will definitely see the results as it works naturally in your brain.


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