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Diabo Shield – Powder


  • It declines the level of bad and harmful cholesterol in the body.
  • It prevents body from potential negative impacts of Diabetes.
  • It Increases insulin level in the body and thereby controls diabetes.  
  • Side effects free– with 100% herbal based constituents it assures safety to health.
  • It assists in lowering the rate of absorption of sugar in the body
  • Rich source of anti oxidant – commonly antioxidants nullify the free radicals and safeguards body from the harmful effects of oxidant. Our product is rich source of free radical scavengers that protect body from potential oxidants.
  • It aids in reduces frequent urination tendency common in diabetics.
  • Home delivery amenity all over the country.
  • Restore your health condition at highly reasonable prices.
  • Easy to consume.
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Diabetes is abnormal metabolism of carbohydrate and increased level of sugar due to weaken ability of body to produce insulin.  Those with abnormal sugar level are termed as Diabetics.  This unending health disorder has no permanent cure. The best way to lead a healthy life after being getting diabetic is  to switch to harmless  and  100 % ayurveda based Diabo Sheild  Powder for insulin secreting part, pancreas.  With the core of ayurveda, Vanshveda fetches you excellent health and treatment for diabetes at highly nominal prices.

Vanshveda proffers well being, health and endurance to combat the ailment with its 100 % ayurveda based and safe to consume herbs. Our aim is protect you from the hazards caused by the intake of medicine of  other medicinal science like allopathy  that works on suppressing the sickness instead of uprooting the cause of disorder from core. We took up the challenge and have come up with finest formula  for the cure of Diabetese with Diabo shield powder.

The crushed and grounded anti-diabetes herbs formula available in Diabo Shield Powder is to be consumed in quantity of half tablespoon a day. Conversely, individual can have it twice a day or exceed the aforesaid mentioned quantity only in the case it is recommended by Ayurveda specialist.  We urge diabetics to not to surpass the dosage prescribed in any case.

For instantaneous and lucrative results, intake of powder should be accompanied with either luke warm water or milk. This product may be taken immediately after meal, early morning with empty stomach or post dinner. Its consumption hours are flexible.

Diabetes is a lifelong metabolic disorder with only cure is to control and its regular monitoring.  Control of diabetes is a common concern that almost all diabetics strive hard for and often fails due to inappropriate medicine with some obvious and life threatening risks such as cardiac arrests, kidney failure etc.  Vanshveda proffers herbs based ingredients facilitating incredible control over the irregular glucose level without bestowing a single side effect. Highly effective supplement for Diabetes, Diabo Sheild Vanshveda is laden with  natural and unadulterated herbs  confirming great health  to the patient in addition to aiding in having good control over sugar level.  Check out its productive anti-diabetic ingredients mentioned below –

  • Karela- This vegetable with bitter tang stimulates insulin production along with regulating the blood sugar level in the body.
  • Vijaysar- it gives a new lease of life to beta cells in pancreas, trim down inflammation, triglycerides and insulin confrontation in the body.
  • Gurmaar – boosts insulin sensitivity which eventually lays positive impact over the health and working of kidneys, heart, muscles and liver.
  • Neem – it stimulates insulin sensitivity in the body and have immediate effect over the intensity of sugar. 
  • Sadabahar-  This ordinary yet highly beneficial herbal plant stores cure for diabetes.
  • Bel – It has a pungent smell and taste and is loaded with antioxidants. It aids in helps to augmenting secretion of insulin in pancreas.
  • Amla-  it is highly valuable in regulating the blood sugar level.   Being rich in roughage it sops up insulin and thereby slows down its absorption in blood.
  • Giloy- it produces insulin and reduces the sugar level by blazing extra glucose.
  • Methi Beej ( fenu greek) –it is universally accepted  bitter in taste ingredient  is commonly  available in homes  and  is highly  effective in  keeping  control over  the blood sugar
  • Jamun Guthli- Its trait to turn extra sugar into energy puts check on hard to control blood sugar level.
  • Dalchini – Dalchini encourages the release of insulin from pancreas and supplements the action of insulin receptors.
  • Shilajit Shudh-   it builds strong immunity system and aids diabetics in staying away from other probable outcomes of diabetes.
  • Haldi( turmeric)–  It also control insulin levels  along with healing the body from inside.
Product Information
Quantity    100g
Vegetarian/ Non-Vegetarian Vegetarian ( herbs based)
Form   Powder
Packaging Powder Bottle
Manufactured in India
Brand Origin Indian
Special Traits Family Nutrition
Concern   Diabetes
Gender Men & Women
Life stage Adult
Serving Per Pack   25g
Serving Size ½ tablespoon powder  daily
  • Must be kept out of the vision and reach of kids.
  • To be consumed by patient below 18 years only under the instructions of ayurveda experts.
  • Keep it in cool and dry place at room temperature
  • Suggested dosage must be altered only  under the recommendation of Ayurveda experts.
  • Follow the directions of consumption stated on label.


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