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Hair Dream – Capsules


  • A pack of 60 capsules to revitalise and rejuvenate your hair from the inside
  • Complete Ayurvedic formula with no added synthetic chemicals of artificial agents
  • Made of hair nourishing elements like Brahmi, Fenugreek, Aloe Vera, Lemon and many more
  • One capsule a day strengthens the hair strands from their follicles
  • Effective formula to keep the scalp healthy by promoting blood circulation and flow
  • Returns your radiant, shiny, voluminous and smooth hair in a matter of weeks
  • Prevents pre-mature greying, parasitic infection and dandruff build-up
  • Improves the health of existing hair by feeding it with essential nutrients from the roots
  • Zero side effects and reaction with other ongoing medications

The Vanshveda Hair Dream Capsule brings to you the hair nourishing powers of Brahmi, Fenugreek seeds, Aloe Vera, Lemon and other essential Ayurvedic herbs that work on your mane internally. Regular shampooing and using hair oil keep the strands protected from the outside. But the nutrients of the Hair Dream Capsules travel via your blood, reach the scalp and work on every fibre of your hair to preserve its health from the inside.

Vanshveda Hair Dream Capsule is a dietary supplement to be had daily.

  • Have the capsule one hour prior to your wholesome meal, either in the morning or at night.
  • Consume the capsule with lukewarm water or milk to get effective results.
  • Depending on your tolerance level to the capsule, you will notice improved hair health soon.

The capsule is a perfect hair enriching and nourishing supplement for everyone. Take it to prevent the risk of balding, get rid of dandruff or parasites, increase the volume of your mane or treat any other hair-related troubles.

Product Information
Quantity 60 capsules
Vegetarian/Non-Vegetarian Vegetarian
Form Oral Capsules
Packaging Capsule Bottle
Manufactured In India
Brand Origin India
Special Traits Family Nutrition
Concern Hair Care
Gender Men and Women
Life Stage Adult
Serving per pack 60
Serving size 1 capsule per day

This is how the ingredients individually help your hair.

  • Brahmi

This bitter-sweet herb is known in Ayurveda for its medicinal properties and has been recommended throughout ages for its profound effects on hair health. Brahmi prevents hair fall. When had in capsule form, it makes the follicles and roots stronger that make the strands stay intact on the scalp. Brahmi also keeps split-ends away by promoting the health of the hair fibres and averts dandruff formation by maintaining adequate hydration of the scalp.

  • Aloe Vera

The chemical make-up of Aloe Vera is the same as that of keratin – the essential protein of hair formed by the intricate bonding of amino acids, carbon, oxygen and other compounds. Thus, Aloe Vera is the Ayurvedic substitute of the synthetic keratin treatment which helps to add volume and shine to the hair. The latter is known to contain carcinogenic chemicals. Aloe Vera is completely safe to restructure your hair’s keratin bonds and improve the thickness of your mane.

  • Fenugreek seeds

Commonly known as methi, fenugreek seeds are rich in antioxidants that reverse the effect of cortisol or stress hormones on your hair. Hence, fenugreek needs to be consumed to prevent stress-related hair loss and the Vanshveda Hair Dream Capsule does just that. Also, fenugreek leads to the formation of a healthier scalp. Its presence in the blood travelling to the scalp has anti-inflammatory and moisturising effects that prevent fungal infections and dandruff.

  • Lemon

Lemon helps to keep seborrheic dermatitis away. It inhibits the production of excess oil in your scalp – the direct cure of this type of dandruff. And the citric acid efficiently nourishes the root of the hair. Lemon also gives you shinier hair that retains its radiance no matter the amount of exposure to sunlight or pollution. Plus, the rich vitamin C content of the citrus fruit helps with volume and internal hair health along with giving your hair a unique light shade.

The Vanshveda Hair Dream Capsule contains bhringraj, holy basil or tulsi and curry leaves as well. Bhringraj is especially known for its hair strengthening properties along with delaying pre-mature greying of hair strands. Tulsi contains anti-bacterial agents that keep away itchy scalps. Curry leaves are rich sources of beta carotene and amino acids that are also similar to keratin and thus, contribute to promoting hair volume.

For the ultimate hair treatment and nourishment, depend on Hair Dream Capsules. Without any artificial agents, your hair regains its lost health and stays that way throughout. One capsule a day and say farewell to thin and malnourished hair that has been your nightmare too date. Vanshveda Hair Dream Capsules can truly change your life.


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