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Power of Vacha – Capsules


  • A pack of 60 Vacha or Acorus Calamus capsules
  • Combined with Harad, Bahera and other herbs to promote weight loss
  • Scientifically proven to increase appetite, control flatulence and reduce risk of stomach ulcers
  • Completely Ayurvedic formula with use of no synthetic chemicals
  • Safe to use daily with zero potential side effects on the body
  • Non-invasive method of weight reduction and staying in shape
  • Fast results in a matter of weeks depending on your tolerance level
  • Protection against a wide variety of neurological and gastrointestinal diseases combined with fat loss
  • Easy dietary supplement with no reactions to your already existing medication
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Vanshveda Loyal Slim Vacha capsules are a powerful combination of Vacha or Sweet Flag, Aloe Vera, dry gourd and cumin seeds. Each 500 mg pill also contains sonth, amla, harad, bahera and other essential Ayurvedic herbs. Take 1 capsule per day one hour prior to any meal, either in the morning or night, with the help of water or lukewarm milk.

Vacha is generally used in Ayurveda to benefit the nervous system. However, in controlled amounts, it can also treat obesity and increase the appetite for healthy food. Include Vanshveda Loyal Slim Vacha capsules in your diet to accelerate your weight loss regime and do that without excessively starving your body.

Product Information
Quantity 60 capsules per container
Vegetarian/Non-Vegetarian Vegetarian
Form Oral Capsules
Packaging Capsule Bottle
Manufactured In India
Brand Origin India
Special Traits Family Nutrition
Concern Weight Loss
Gender Men and Women
Life Stage Adult
Serving per pack 60 capsules
Serving size 1 capsule per day
Benefits of the Product:

The Vanshveda Loyal Slim Vacha capsules contains majorly vacha (70 mg in one 500 mg capsule). Also known as Acorus Calamus or Sweet flag, this bitter herb was previously prescribed in the archaic times to treat speech disorders, hence the Sanskrit name “Vacha” which means speaking clearly. Over the years, scientific research has shown that vacha is helpful is combating cell damage and enhances memory functions and mental well-being. Apart from the neurological benefits, vacha can also be used for the following purposes.

  1. Dissolves toxic metabolites
    Vacha helps to dissolve toxic metabolites or fatty acids that might have developed previously owing to unhealthy eating habits. This directly makes vacha a potential ingredient to treat people with obesity or help losing weight over time and obtain a slimmer and fitter body.
  1. Improve digestive firepower
    The Deepan property of vacha accelerates digestion. A faster and complete breakdown of food ensures controlled secretion of gastric juices that are typically acidic in nature. This prevents the formation of stomach ulcers and improves appetite that generally gets subdued due to acid formations in the stomach.
  1. Reduce flatulence
    At times, bloating or a swollen state resulting from the accumulation of gas can cause an obese look even when substantial fat is not present in the body. The Vanshveda Loyal Slim Vacha capsules can reduce gas accumulation and take the bloated state away. Here on, the vacha supplement will aid fat loss and give you a trimmed figure.

Another important ingredient of the Vanshveda Loyal Slim Vacha capsules is harad (30 mg per 500 mg). This herb shows a strong presence of selenium, vitamin C, manganese and copper. Harad boosts immunity, prevents cell damage owing to its high antioxidant content and promotes digestion enhancing bowel movements and the motility of the digestive tract. Combined with vacha, harad becomes an effective herb for weight loss that increases the body’s metabolism rate and removes toxins from every cell.

The Vanshveda Loyal Slim Vacha capsules also contain bahera or baheda (30 mg per 500 mg) that have similar gastrointestinal benefits like vacha and harad. Bahera is known for its anti-bacterial properties that prevent infections, reduce inflammation but more importantly, the herb has always been a popular cure for appetite loss. It also prevents flatulence or bloating, improves thirst and enhances digestion. The magic of Vanshveda Vacha supplements happens owing to the careful combination of these three precious herbs.

Also, Aloe Vera present in the capsules (50 mg per 500 mg) aids the breakdown of fats and sugar and acts as a catalyst to overall digestion. Aloe also enables you to absorb the right nutrients from your food in the right quantities which prevents further weight build-up and preserves your shape.

From intellectual advantages to physiological benefits, the Vanshveda Loyal Slim Vacha capsules can help you with all. The mixture of vacha, harad and bahera also keeps lung infections away by preventing mucus formation. And they keep the renal system in top-notch health leading to better water retention and toxic excretion. Lose weight with only one capsule a day and stay healthy from your head to toe.


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