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Quit Addiction Kit


  • Just one-time purchase saves money as our combo is offered at nominal prices.
  • Addiction causes fretfulness, desperation, loss of sleep and senses are some of the symptoms carved by the addiction. Our powder bestows quick relieve from these symptoms and aids in beginning the new and blissful jaunt of life after the dark phase of addiction.
  • Unreasonable and compulsion hankering/ craving for alcohol, smoking and drugs are termed as addiction and this natural remedy in the form of powder diminishes the disastrous desire for alcohol, smoking and drugs from the core. 
  • Alcohol and drugs are detrimental to the healthy and proper functioning of liver. If you want your body and its vital parts like liver and lungs to be healed naturally, go for our powder combo who gives dual benefits of improving the health condition of addicted along with helping him to come out of the blue of addiction.
  • Utterly herbs based product offering health benefits   with not a single adverse effects. 
  • Guaranteed results, although duration of withdrawal varies from individual to individual.
  • Home delivery at your door all over the country. 
  • Absolutely easy to use.
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Gone are the days when addiction withdrawal was impossible.  With QUIT ADDICTION POWDER COMBO, your abnormal craving for alcohol, drugs and smoking is no more an uncontrollable longing.  Addiction is unstoppable yen and Vanshveda brings you highly effective Ayurveda based cure for withdrawal from any of the aforementioned addictions with immense ease.

Our powder not just safeguards your health but protects you from the health hazards to liver, lungs, esophagus, wind pipe, throat etc. Liver failure, nervous system imbalance and cancer are some of the various health issues to which our body gets vulnerable due to addiction and our powder gradually without much delay prevents addicted from reaching to the life threatening stages of addiction.
Our powder gradually restricts the intake of abused substances which produces intoxication that damages the power of decision, discernment, awareness, or bodily control with natural and herbal based ingredients 100 % safe to consume.

We bring you side effect free Quit Addiction powder combo with three 100 g bottles of powder in an exclusive combo at highly  nominal prices.  This exclusive combo offers sustenance and addiction abandonment in no time at great deal.

Our yearning desertion powder is exclusively prepared to avoid overpowering taste and smell of its end-to- end nature based ingredients.  Our product is a magic potion for those secretly wanting their friends or better-half to say no to harmful addictions.  It is easy as well as perfect for consumption and gives no idea to the consumer on being confidentially blended in the meals of obsessed.

For favorable and swift results, take a table spoonful of quit addiction powder with lukewarm milk and water. 1 tablespoon a day is a standard quantity to be mixed but the quantity may vary in the case of being prescribed by Ayurveda experts. Those on a secret mission too can mix it in food items secretly.

As far as timing of its intake is concerned, it can be consumed at any nick of time of the day.  There are no restriction laid by the experts and our powder can be taken with luke warm water early in the morning, at bed time or with any of the meal of the day.

Brahmi, Kasni, giloy, Bhrigaraj, Arjun chal, bhumi Amla, Vadri Kand, Muleithi, Ashwagandha, Tulsi,  Harar,  Nag Keshar, Amla are some of the leading  and highly effective ingredients that assists in developing  natural dislike  in the individual for the addiction.  In addition to the withdrawal of addiction, these ingredients work on enhancing the physical and mental endurances of addict to enable him to combat with the craving with the enormous ease.


Product Information
Quantity   3 bottles of 100 g each
Vegetarian/ Non-Vegetarian Vegetarian
Form  Powder
Packaging Powder Bottle
Manufactured in India
Brand Origin Indian
Special Traits Family Nutrition
Concern  Compulsion/addiction
Gender Men & Women
Life stage Adult
Serving Per Pack  60
Serving Size 1 tablespoon

Do not exceed the prescribed limit until and unless recommended by Ayurveda specialists.


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