Spark Horn – Oil

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  • Vanshveda’s Spark Horn Oil is powerhouse of therapeutic properties that can enhance the stamina and even the performance during foreplay and actual sexual intercourse.
  • On regular massaging of this Vanshveda’s Spark Horn Oil on the male reproductive organ, provides strengths to stay hard and long and prevents any premature ejaculation.
  • Amplification of libido, advances the blood flow and enhances the sperm count are few instant results of Vanshveda’s Spark Horn Oil.
  • Contains all herbal ingredients that enhances metabolism and revitalize the body
  • Consumption of Vanshveda’s Spark Horn Oil can provoke sexual drives as well as heightened the urge for sexual pleasures.
  • Completely vegan, Vanshveda’s Spark Horn Oil are completely free from gluten and any artificial elements
  • Vanshveda’s Spark Horn Oil is stress releasers by enhancing the body’s ability to combat tension as well as over-excitation of neurons that results in calmness in the body. Thus, it helps in restoring normal physiological functioning anti-inflammatory and antioxidants

Today infertility in males or females is very common. This may be arise due to various reasons like genetics, lifestyle, diets and diseases that are routine affair. Essentially, in this 21st century there is emergence of a lot of stress related to work, career or business that has resulted into various lifestyle diseases, out of which infertility is one of the major consequence. Vanshveda’s Spark Horn Oil is remedy to rectify the problem of infertility especially in men by naturally increasing the level of testosterone in the body.

  • Vanshveda’s Spark Horn Oil works in enhancing sperm quality since it is big support to release anxiety and stress. Oil is made up of purest form of Ashwagandha that helps in controlling the levels of stress and effectively reducing it. Therefore, it helps producing calmness in the body, promotes mental well-being and enhance focus to perform better.
  • Specially designed with the organic blend of 12 essential herbs that soothes the body. One of critical aspect of Oil is that it improves vitality in men by modulating stress
  • Vanshveda’s Spark Horn Oil it is a panacea to treat infertility especially in males in the herbal way possible.
  • Vanshveda’s Spark Horn Oil magnifies power as well as stamina. This is because it allows the brain to relax and advances the power of concentration so that you can focus and enjoy the moments.
  • Vanshveda’s Spark Horn Oil is 100% natural and made from all herbal ingredients with no side effects. This oil is completely made from herbal elements like Ashwagandha, Shatavari Talmakhana and Kaunch blended in such a way that it act as a natural reinforce to boost your sexual drive.
  • One of the biggest properties of this oil is that it produces soothing effect that eradicate the problem of pre-mature ejaculation with no side effects.

Vanshveda’s Spark Horn Oil contains therapeutic properties that can enhance the stamina and even the performance during foreplay and actual sexual intercourse. On regular application (massaging) of this oil on the male reproductive organ, provides strengths to stay hard and long and prevents any premature ejaculation. Essentially, massaging the oil amplifies the libido, advances the blood flow and enhances the sperm count. Vanshveda’s Spark Horn Oil is herbal oil formulated by leveraging the research performed in Ayurveda to provide an herbal solution to the problem of dying spark in your love life as well as infertility. Essentially, curated with all natural ingredients of premium quality ensuring that there are no side effects in the body. Easy to apply and a perfect solution to meet all need to boost your sexual spark in life. For best results, it is recommend to apply this oil daily. Pour few drops of oil in your palm and massage it well on your male reproductive organ for 10-15 seconds


Vanshveda’s Spark Horn Oil act as an aphrodisiac for not just males but also for females as well. This oil when applied to sexual reproductive part, it act as a natural analeptic that excites and vitalize the sexual energy and drive. Core part of Vanshveda’s Spark Horn Oil are herbs like Shilajit that act as an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory.  For best results, Vanshveda’s Spark Horn Oil should be applied daily, preferably before bedtime.

Product Information
Quantity 30ml
Vegetarian/ Non-Vegetarian Vegetarian
Form Oil
Packaging Oil Bottle
Manufactured in India
Brand Origin Indian
Flavor None
Special Traits Family Nutrition
Concern Infertility Cures, Stress Management
Gender Men
Life stage Adult
Serving Per Pack 15
Serving Size  Only Once in a day – Applied before going to sleep at night

Below are the finest herbs that can promote ones desire for intimacy and assist in especially enhancing male reproductive organs and overall health of the body

Ashwagandha – It is one of the most powerful herb that is utilized in several Ayurveda medication as it has tremendous therapeutic and pharmaceutical value. Ashwagandha ensures cure for all types and nature of infertility. It is not only beneficial to control the stress levels of person, enhances nervous and immune system and also keep intact the entire functioning such that it can promote happy hormones in the body. Most certainly, it is an aphrodisiac and essentially integrated for curing for physical weakness and fatigues. It generates nitric oxide in men which further dilate the blood vessels and promotes passion for intimacy thereby fueling the reproductive systems.

Shatavari – Again, very important herb for curing infertility especially in men. Essentially, it increases the sperm mobility thereby enhancing the quality of sperms but also count per millimeter. In fact there are more gain and advantage of using this Ayurvedic herb, it has very strong feature of calming the nervous system and accelerating the levels of energy. With regular usage of Shatavari, problems like impotency can be fully healed along with improving the levels of testosterone, male sexual hormones

Kaunch – Next in the list is another beneficial herb, Kaunch that has numerous properties that can cure male infertility. Regular usage of Kaunch would immensely benefit to enhance the quantity of sperms. Not only this, it induces the release of testosterone that is required for libido. It assist abnormalities in erections and gives abundance energy to the reproductive organ. It defiantly enhances the sperm generation and quality of sperms produced along with improving the health. Another well-known Ayurvedic herb that cures several issues in the quality of semen and quantity of sperms in semen is Talmakhana. This Ayurvedic powerful herb can be acquired naturally and is like savior for those who witness the deterioration in the quality of semen. Not only has this it treated the problem of untimely ejaculation. Talmakhana boots the circulation of blood in the body and enhance intercourse. Primarily it advances the generation of sperm thereby increasing the quantity per milliliter.

Shilajit – Another Ayurvedic herb that can conquer male infertility and abnormalities in erection is Shilajit. This herb enables men to prolong their duration in the intercourse without any ejaculation, hence treating every types of issues that are experienced while erection. This herb can be naturally found in the regions of Himalayan and medicines of Shilajit is extremely exorbitant in the marketplace. Essentially, this herb is naturally blended with several other medicinal properties also called as Fulvic acid. Nevertheless, it boosts up the levels of sexual hormones like testosterone, mobility of sperm, generation of sperms and sperm counts in men. Moreover, it relaxes the mind and release the anxiety making it a brilliant aphrodisiac. If any of the partner male or female witness any issues with infertility one should always use Ayurveda and make the best utilization of the herbs that can heal the condition of infertility.



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